4 Must-have features of VPS hosting

VPS hosting in India is considered the best option for people looking for hosting services that lie between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. This hosting offers you the benefits of dedicated hosting at reasonable prices while doing away with the risks associated with shared hosting. VPS hosting involves the splitting of one server into several private servers by using virtualization technology. Now, each remote server has access to a certain amount of resources that can be used by only the website being hosted on it. This ensures faster loading times and better operations.

VPS hosting

The significant benefit of VPS hosting is that it offers you access to dedicated resources at a lower price. Other benefits include the option to scale up the resources when required and a good amount of security. This type of hosting offers you root access to the server, thereby allowing you to run various operating systems and install applications of your choice.

Features of VPS Hosting

When looking for VPS hosting plans for your website, ensure that it includes the best CPU, dedicated RAM, and a sizeable storage area besides individual web, POP, FTP, IMAP servers, and SMTP gateways. The hosting company should also be offering sound technical support whenever required. The VPS hosting plans are available for Windows and Linux systems, so choose accordingly. Apart from this, you need to check out some other essential features in your VPS hosting plan.

  • SSL Certificate- Security remains a significant concern for any website. When comparing different hosting companies and their VPS plans, you should check about the inclusion of an SSL certificate. This certificate encrypts the connection between your website and the browsers used by visitors and is highly important for websites handling the crucial personal information of their customers.
  • Backups- Having a regular backup of your data and other website content is essential to deal with sudden and unexpected data losses due to malware attacks or any other reason. Look around for hosting companies that include backup and restore services in their hosting plans. Other factors like the frequency of the backups and the duration for which the data is retained are also essential considerations in choosing a VPS hosting plan for your website.
  • Uptime- Do check your web hosting provider’s uptime record because frequent downtimes can hurt the reputation of both your website and business. A good web hosting company will always ensure that your website is up and running by going for regular maintenance of the server and reducing hardware redundancies.
  • Malware Scanning and Prevention of DDoS Attacks- Malware attacks can be catastrophic and destroy your data. So, check with your hosting provider in India about their strategy to deal with malware. Do they carry out regular malware checks, and what steps do they take to prevent DDoS attacks? DDoS attacks aim to stop server activity and result in a massive downtime for your website.

Including these features in your VPS hosting plan will ensure that your website is up and running smoothly with adequate provisions to deal with any untoward security and other threats. VPS hosting in India has emerged as an ideal solution for growing businesses that find shared hosting resources inadequate while dedicated server hosting plans are out of their budget.

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