A Threat to Your WordPress Blog: Duplicate Content

Blogging is trendy nowadays. And the maximum popular stand-alone blog engine is WordPress. It is flexible, has many beneficial features, and there are lots of attractive templates for it. But the ones who have a WordPress blog should be aware of a serious hassle that can purpose your blog to be removed from Google’s seek consequences. The trouble is: Duplicate Content.

WordPress content material management system, which, while used with the default configuration, is not duplicate content material evidence. In reality, this CMS is capable of rendering almost one hundred% of your content material replica. As common, the fault of the gadget has roots in its blessings. WordPress has many functions facilitating blogging and linking, consisting of RSS feeds to posts and remarks, trackback URLs, month-to-month records, etc. This sort of URL returning comparable or same pages represents a clean case of duplicate content material in equal time.

WordPress And Duplicate Content

The first evidence of duplicate content produced by your WordPress CMS can be discovered in your sidebar. They are category pages and monthly/day-by-day documents. Category pages save your articles published on the same subject matter — a class. Such pages have no specific content; they are only a collection of your preceding posts. Monthly and daily documents additionally virtually organization your previous articles by way of the date of posting. Sometimes if you have only one put up on a given day, the archive page for the date and submit are absolutely the same.

The subsequent case of duplicate content material is even greater outstanding. It can be your property web page itself. If it carries no excerpts but the full text of your posts, it duplicates your submit pages. This additionally applies to the “subsequent/previous entries” pages — those on hand thru /web page/2, /3, /four, and many others.

Feeds. Search engine spiders move all the content material slowly they can attain, and of the route, this consists of RSS feeds. The additional problem with them is that Google may choose to show your RSS URL in the search effects over the hyperlink to the authentic publish. In this example, the consumer who clicks this result will see an XML formatted page that isn’t always “human-friendly.”

Back after I first have become a web developer, WordPress in no way existed. It was first launched on May 27, 2003 (yes, I’ve been at this longer than that!) Of route, back in the beginning, it wasn’t in any respect what it’s miles today, but everything has to start somewhere.

The element is, WordPress has grown to such an extent that marketers and commercial enterprise proprietors think this is the ONLY way to construct a website. This is ways from the reality in which WordPress isn’t always the ideal solution to meet an organization’s desires.

But I digress.

After analyzing this article, you will find out the one biggest motive behind your internet site not getting you the consequences you’re trying… And a massive wrongdoer is WordPress.

With the evolution of WordPress has come to an array of troubles and issues that many entrepreneurs and business owners aren’t completely equipped to deal with. Why? Because they are not knowledgeable inside the full spectrum of brand identification and website design.

I mean, they have got a WordPress website; what else do they want.


First of all, WordPress started as being a blog platform. A way for website owners to upload a blog to their website and benefit from the trackback, categorization, and social sharing talents it offers.

Then it developed into being a Content Management System (CMS) where non-weblog pages could be easily created. Thus permitting the introduction of a complete-fledged website with no need to recognize hexadecimal code. Pretty cool, eh!

How is your website being acquired by using your ideal target marketplace? Does it appear dull and/or amateurish? Is it turning them off because they assumed inside seconds that you aren’t in proper shape for them? Are the right colors, fonts, and imagery used to attract them and compel them to action? Are they harassed and cannot inform what you offer?

A confused mind says no whenever.

If you’re not certain what the answers are, then the chances are true that you don’t completely apprehend or appreciate what a brand is and how essential it’s miles to the fulfillment of your enterprise.

So when you have an excessive bounce charge (which means if human beings are leaving your internet site inside moments of coming to it), then that’s a huge indicator your emblem (or loss of one) isn’t working. It’s certainly no longer the handiest aspect, but it’s a large one.

Duplicate Content

A proper brand starts or evolved with identifying your best goal marketplace and precise promoting position and then creating a visible representation of your commercial enterprise a good way to attract the proper people for the proper reasons.

Once that is accomplished and created a unique logo, this is particular to you and your enterprise. Your internet site will not appear to be just any other WordPress template, and you’re on your way to business success.

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