Bulk Solids and Bulk Powders Cooling Technology

Over the years, cooling bulk solids together with sugar, fertilizer, chemical compounds, plastics, dried biosolids, minerals, and plenty of other types of grains, crystals and bulk powders using the conventional technologies does no longer assure fine final merchandise. As an end result, the enterprise productivity was significantly affected and most of all this generation has masses of negative aspects to cope with. My Update System


In response to this task, main business groups collectively with their high-quality scientists and engineers designed a laudable step forward generation that efficiently cools bulk solids and bulk powders of every kind, the majority-solids cooling generation. This global main generation has been broadly using in a spread of bulk powder programs global. It has additionally gained the reputation for effectively facilitating the method of cooling bulk powders.

How It Works

First, this era facilitates a gradual and controlled product flow by means of allowing the majority powders and bulk solids substances to skip slowly downward among a chain of vertical hollow warmth exchange plates. And after that, the substances undergo oblique plate cooling and then it passes via a mass float generation wherein the mass float discharge feeder creates uniform product speed via the cooler and regulates the product drift rate. And lastly, it passes a vertical configuration where bulk solids bypass through the vertical cooler by way of gravity.

Cooling Technology

This bulk solids cooler technology is considered to be exquisite-green in comparison to different competing generation because it makes use of up to ninety% much less energy. The oblique plate cooling became mainly designed without the use of air within the cooling system and consequently eliminates the need for a massive horsepower electric drives and the associated warmth losses making this technology as the greenest bulk solids cooler generation available.

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Furthermore, this generation presents uniform final product temperatures because the product moves with uniform velocity through the warmth exchanger which seek advice from as a mass goes with the flow design. This characteristic, combined with lengthy residence instances (commonly five-10 mins), permits even temperature distribution because the product passes thru the heat exchanger, producing remarkably solid and uniform final product temperatures.

Since this technology has a vertical configuration, the layout is each compact and modular which means that that extra warmness exchanger plate banks can be stacked if the expanded cooling capability is needed in the future. The compact set up footprint makes this design easy to integrate into current plants and is good for de-bottlenecking, revamps and ability will increase.

The mere reality that this technology became designed with an indirect plate cooling, air isn’t used within the complete cooling manner. The set up costs have been additionally reduced seeing that there is no need to install pointless air coping with a system which includes massive diameter air ducting, motors, fans, scrubbers, chillers, and emissions controls. Fines, dust, and odors have been also eliminated due to the fact air changed into no longer used to the direct cooling of the product courtesy of the indirect plate cooling design.

Lastly, this technology produces an advanced very last product since the actions of the goods at some stage in the entire procedure become gradual and completely controlled. And because of this, it allows prevents product abrasion and degradation, as a result, there is no trade within the particle characteristics. The risks of bacterial infection, smell infection, and product moisture content material modifications have been also eliminated for the reason that air has no touch with the goods all through the complete technique.


Compared to other competing technologies, this bulk solid and bulk powders cooling generation are manner ways superior in terms of efficiency, layout, and effectiveness. Thus, using this ultra-green cooling era could not simplest assist saves strength but on the equal time emissions are eliminated and most of all this will help in improving your enterprise productiveness.

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