Closer To Truth: Is Time Travel Possible?

There is an ongoing PBS TV collection (also several books and an internet site) known as “Closer To Truth.” It is hosted with the aid of neuroscientist Robert Lawrence Kuhn. He’s featured in single-on-one interviews and panel discussions with the cream of present-day cosmologists, physicists, philosophers, theologians, psychologists, etc. On all the Big Questions surrounding a trilogy of huge subjects – Cosmos; Consciousness; God. The trilogy collectively treated reality, space and time, mind and attention, aliens, theology, and on and on and on. Here are some of my comments on one of the overall subjects included – Is time travel feasible?

# Is a time tour feasible? Actually, I, for my part, do not agree that time exists. Change exists, and time is just our size of rate of change. IMHO time is only a idea. Time is a mental construct that enables us to come to phrases with the exchange. Some cosmologists say that time became created in the Big Bang as if time has been a factor with substance and shape. However, I venture them to create a while in the front of their peers absolutely or maybe a TV target market or at least produce a theoretical equation or two that could create time. In the period in-between, here’s a trilogy of points.

First, the idea of a time journey is one of these fun elements of physics. Whether actual or now not, it is exciting to play the ‘what if’ sport. If nothing else, the concept makes or forces one to think about the nature of fact. Secondly, Einstein and others have postulated that point travel is a theoretical truth, and I’m not in their type of league that I can dispute the theories. I’ll depart that to others who recognize the field internally and out.

But thirdly, and most significantly, you could in no way truely be inside the future or the past, handiest inside the future or the past in comparison to where and when you at the moment are. In different words, irrespective of how you slice and dice things, you exist in the in which-ever and within every time in that where-ever’s or every time’s NOW or in other phrases in the present. You cannot literally be in any destiny or any past because you simplest enjoy the NOW, which is the present. If you need to tour back one hour, you will nevertheless experience matters as belonging to NOW. If you sleep for one hour then wake up, you are inside the future relative to whilst you sleep, but you continue to locate yourself within the NOW.

# Is time travel viable? The answer is each sure and no. Yes, we can tour into the destiny at one 2d in step with 2nd; we try this besides whether we like it or now not. Yes, we will journey into the future at a slightly faster fee through going to sleep or, in any other case having our sense of awareness, our attention of rate of alternate (that’s what time surely is or measures) incapacitated. You get inebriated and bypass out, and the subsequent component you already know you are 12 hours into the destiny. Yes, we can tour into destiny as outlined using Einstein’s twin ‘paradox’ wherein one twin travels at a very excessive fee of speed outward certain, stops, and returns to domestic base. At the same time, they stay at domestic dual, well, stays domestic. Upon their reunion, the journeying dual unearths their stay at home dual to be a long way older, so the visiting twin has traveled into the future more swiftly than would otherwise be the case. Yes, you may journey again in time, in theory, in line with the plain theoretical properties that wormholes or black holes will have. No, you can not journey to the beyond because of all of those nasty paradoxes. I like the variant at the grandfather paradox whereby you travel again just one hour into the past and shoot yourself useless. That’s a novel manner of committing suicide! The different paradox I like is while you pass returned in time to have Shakespeare autograph your copy of “Hamlet.” Shakespeare isn’t domestic however the maid guarantees to have him autograph your ebook while he returns. Alas, your timing is barely off, and Shakespeare hasn’t but written “Hamlet,” so while he gets your reproduction from his maid to autograph, he reads it. After you return to Shakespeare’s home and receive again your now autographed reproduction and go back home on your very own time, Shakespeare now writes “Hamlet.”

The paradox is, where did “Hamlet” come from because Shakespeare best wrote it after he had already seen your reproduction. No, you can not travel again to the past because if that had been viable, there would be hoards of time-traveling vacationers who went lower back in time to witness some critical historical event or other. No hoards of photograph-snapping tourists have ever been documented being present at Custer’s Last Stand, the Battle of the Alamo, the sinking of RMS Titanic, or any one of thousands of comparable ancient occasions. Yes, you could tour again in time but most effectively into a parallel universe. If you shoot yourself however it is any other you in another universe, no paradox arises. You travel lower back in time to have Shakespeare autograph your reproduction of “Hamlet”; however, in that parallel universe, Shakespeare can now write “Hamlet” based on your replica and no paradox outcomes. However, the one factor I find exciting is that if you turn out to be the destiny, or inside the past, are you genuinely within the future or the beyond? No, the simplest time you could exist in is the existing, your proper right here and NOW time. It might be a exclusive time from what you formerly knew, but wherever and whenever you exist, your handiest exist within the NOW.

Travel Possible

# Is time travel possible? It may want to be the case already that point tour has been documented at the quantum degree even though that could be open to interpretation. Before I get to the specifics, I need to point out that with recognition to the legal guidelines, concepts, and relationships of physics, time is invariant. Operations in physics stay invariant in time, whether or not time is moving as we commonly perceive it (beyond to future) or returned to front (future to past). For instance, gravity would operate in keeping with its regular take hold of itself in a world wherein time flowed backward. There’s many an operation one should film that once the film was run backward, one would not be any the wiser. Tree branches blowing inside the wind come to thoughts, or the coming together, collision, and rebounding or separation of two billiard balls. Okay, having hooked up that about physics, physics doesn’t care which route time is flowing. There may be no violations in the one’s legal guidelines, principles, and relationships of physics future to past; we now come to the delayed double slit experiment.

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