Eliminate Time Fraud With A Clock In And Out App

Time fraud is something that many businesses that use manual time clocks and traditional timekeeping methods have to deal with regularly. There are no safety measures on a manual time clock to prevent someone from punching in or out at their leisure, aside from having someone monitor each employee every time they punch in or out. There is also no efficient way to stop someone from punching time for others. In addition to those issues, there are no safeguards against using company time for other tasks or abusing overtime hours. One of the best ways to prevent all these types of time fraud is with a clock-in and out app. Several security measures allow employers to avoid time fraud altogether.


Keep Track of Who’s Punching In and Out With Facial Recognition

As mentioned, manual time clocks cannot prevent employees from punching in and out for other people. With the advanced features of a time and attendance app, such as facial recognition, employers can identify who is punching in. Not only can employers see in real-time who is punching in or out, but employees will also be completely unable to punch in for anyone other than themselves, thanks to facial recognition technology. This technology verifies identity by referencing an image on file, and only once identity is confirmed will the punch process complete. Using facial recognition prevents time fraud and adds a layer of security to your business by letting you know who is working and when. Taking advantage of such a feature prevents unauthorized access to company resources and restricted areas that would have otherwise been open to anyone without a clock-in and out app.

Control Hours Worked With Punch Limiting

Keeping track of scheduling and hours worked with a manual time clock is nearly impossible. Not only can employees punch in and out freely, but they can also log as many hours as they choose with little to no oversight. A timekeeper app lets you set punch limits with notifications and reminders that prevent employees from punching in too early or out too late. This allows for more control over hours, keeps track of employee punches in real-time, and can notify managers of specific actions taken in the system. This way, management can address a potential issue before it becomes a significant problem. In cases where it is time fraud, it can be stopped at the source. In other cases, employees may suffer from fatigue, staffing shortages, or other issues that cause them to run over their scheduled shifts. With work tracking software, management can quickly find and address the problem and improve overall efficiency.

Geofencing Lets You Keep Employees in the Right Area

Keeping your employees on task is difficult, especially if they can punch in from anywhere and do as they please while on company time. One of the ways that a simple time card app prevents this behavior is with geofencing. Geofencing allows one to specify a radius around a location, and only once an employee is within that radius can they punch time. Using geofencing, you can ensure that employees are at the correct place when they hit in or out and are not using company time to take care of personal matters.

If you combine geofencing with some of the productivity tracking features that a clock-in and out app uses, you can be sure that workers are on task at the job site and not simply wasting company hours. Another benefit of geofencing is that you can make sure that employees aren’t trying to access off-limits areas. Knowing where your employees are at all times through an online timecard system and controlling what they have access to makes for a safer working environment. This is particularly important to businesses that handle confidential information and materials.

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