Famous Landmarks to Visit in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a city that has been around for centuries. The Qutub Shahi dynasty founded it and later became part of the Mughal Empire, which ruled India from Delhi until 1857 when it fell into British hands. The city’s history dates back to at least 1000 BC, founding as an ancient capital of the Indo-Scythians. In 1591, Sultan Ibrahim Lodi made his money after conquering South Asia. After being defeated by the Marathas in 1724, Hyderabad came under Nizam’s rule, establishing their kingdom. The following are some of the famous landmarks to visit in Hyderabad they include:

* Charminar

This monument stands on the banks of the Musi River. Its construction began in 1420 AD and was completed in 1648 AD. It is one of the oldest monuments in India. The structure has four main parts: an entrance gate, a prayer hall, a dome, and minarets. There are two entrances to this magnificent building. One is through the front door, while another is through the side door. There are many halls, including the Hall of Public Audience, where people sit and listen to public announcements. Also inside, you will find the Sala Mahakumbh and the Sala Kalyani Kumari. These rooms were used for religious ceremonies like marriages or funerals. On top of the tower sits the golden chariot called ‘Kaliyuga Chakra’. It is believed that anyone who touches the chakra will be blessed with good fortune. Nearby lies the tomb of Mir Osman Ali Khan, who died in 1831. He was buried next to his wife, Fatima Begum. They both lie beneath marble sarcophagi covered with gold leaf.


*Golconda Fort

When you visit Hyderabad, pay your respects to Golconda Fort. This fortress was built between 1508 -1511 by Mohammed Adil Shah II. It is located about 20 km southwest of Secunderabad. You can reach the fort via bus route number 1A or 2B. Once you leave the bus stop, ask someone to take you to the defense. If you want to go alone, then hire a cab. When you enter the fort, you will see three gates leading in different directions. To the left is the palace complex, the right is the mosque, and the garden area is straight ahead. The walls surrounding the fort have several towers and bastions. Some of these towers date back to the time of Akbar. A few others belong to the period of Aurangzeb and Tipu Sultan. The fort also houses various palaces, such as Diwan-e-Amir, Diwan-e-Juma, and Diwan-e-Shahadat. All these buildings are now converted into museums.

*Qutb Shahi Tombs

This is another landmark you will witness when you get to Hyderabad. Located near Hussain Sagar Lake, this place holds graves belonging to the Qutub Shahi Dynasty rulers. Those of Nasir Jahan I, Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, and Asaf Jah III are among them. Each grave contains a mausoleum surrounded by gardens and fountains. Something interesting about Qutub Shahi Tombs is that each ruler had a separate burial ground. However, all the tombs share a similar architecture. For example, Nasir Jahan I was buried in the first graveyard, whereas Muhammad Quli Qutab Shah was buried in the second graveyard.

* Raja Man Singh Palace

The Raja Man Singh Palace is an architectural marvel which dates back to 1722. It has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace is situated at Charminar. You can enjoy views of Mecca Masjid, Jama Masjid, Chowmuhani Mosque, and other essential landmarks from here. It is said that you can view almost every major attraction in Hyderabad from this spot. The history behind Raja Man Singh Palace is that it belonged to Nawab Nizamuddin Auliya. After him, it passed into the hands of the British East India Company. Later on, it became part of the state government after Independence. Today, it serves as the official residence of the Chief Minister of Telangana.

* Raja Rammohan Roy’s Tomb

This tomb belongs to the famous philosopher and social reformer Raja Ram Mohun Roy in Banjara Hills. His grave is made up of white marble and granite stones. The tomb is decorated with beautiful paintings depicting scenes from Hindu mythology. The grave is open daily except for Mondays. The entry fee is Rs 10 per person. The main reason why Raja Rammohan Roy’s Tomb is worth visiting is that he lived during the same era as Gandhi. He fought for India’s freedom against the British Empire. Hence, his tomb is considered one of the most significant places where people commemorate their struggle for Independence.

*Taj Falaknuma Palace

It is a famous landmark built in the 18th century. Taj Falaknuma Palace is known for its intricate carvings and exquisite interiors. The palace is spread over two acres of land and consists of halls, corridors, courtyards, balconies, terraces, and pavilion. There are more than 100 rooms inside the palace. Most of these rooms were used by the Nawabs who ruled Hyderabad State. They include a reception room, dining hall, library, music room, prayer room, harem, etc. The palace is divided into four parts: Main Hall, Garden Court, Pavilion, and Terrace. The Moti Mahal is the largest among these sections. Its ceiling features floral motifs, while the flooring is covered with marble tiles. The building itself is constructed using red sandstone. This landmark is regarded as one of the finest examples of Indo-Sufi Architecture.

*Calvary Temple

One of the oldest temples in Hyderabad, the Calvary Church of St Mary’s Cathedral, is located in Secunderabad. This church is dedicated to Jesus Christ. It is also called the ‘Golconda Fort’ because it resembles it. The construction began around 1650 AD but took nearly 200 years to complete. The temple is built in Gothic style and is adorned with statues of saints and angels. Inside, there are several chapels and altars. The churches inspired the architecture of the cathedral in Europe. The interior walls have murals painted by Italian artists. These murals depict stories about the life of Jesus Christ. High stone walls surround the exterior of the church.

*Chowmahalla Palace

Built in 1760, Chowmahalla Palace is another historic monument in Hyderabad. It is named after Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last ruler of the princely state of Hyderabad. The palace is now converted into a museum. Visitors will find various collections like weapons, coins, royal portraits, musical instruments, carpets, costumes, furniture, utensils, etc. Among all these items that attract attention are the swords of Tipu Sultan and Nizam Asaf Jah III. Also on display here are some rare manuscripts written in the Arabic language.

Final thought

Hyderabad has been an important city since ancient times. It remains a central commercial hub and home to numerous historical monuments. Some of them can be visited easily, whereas others require prior planning. If you want to see any of these landmarks, book your tickets well in advance so you don’t miss out on anything! Also, visit the Cathay Pacific website and book your ticket for your next trip to this incredible place.

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