How can Funny Animal Videos Cheer Up Your Mood?

The lockdown might have done more harm than good, considering an empty mind is quoted as the devil’s workshop. And the sudden onslaught of nothingness to do had the whole world scrabbling to find anchors. Though an initial couple of months of the lockdown might have looked like a sudden, unexpected vacation with a bucketload of rules, it still gave us more than enough time to do or consider doing that thing we had always put off.

And then the boredom set in, and for me, it meant I rediscovered the joys of meaningless browsing after high school. The internet is a big place. And somehow, I wound up falling in love with animal videos. Being somewhat of an introvert, both with humans and animals, it was quite unexpected to suddenly pour over the animal videos my friend used to text me incessantly. And then voluntarily search through for more.

I mean, it’s hilarious, right? Watching a puppy hug a duck and get possessive over it. A tiny baby monkey eating a banana was hands down the funniest thing I had watched the last month and had me gasping for breath in the middle of the day. I picked that line off the book for those who have read Homo Sapiens. As fairly new introductions to the planet and arguably the most intelligent species, humans often forget that we once shared the DNA of an ape upon a time. And at one point, the apes and the humans had the same grandmother. Man, that was one good, enlightening read.

Science Backs the Theory that Watching Funny Animal Videos Uplifts Human Minds

And now we have science telling us that while we always cheered up watching animal videos, it is legitimately uplifting. And if you ask me, I think the ability to understand science or at least pretend to understand science set us apart from the apes all that time ago. While you might find several humans funny, we have discovered a lieu of funny animals, one of the most precious things to learn.

While the world is split between dog and cat, and subsequently funny cat and dog videos, with dogs winning out, I am more of a funny cat videos-preferring person, myself. However, I am on board to see all sorts of funny animal videos, whether funny dog or neighborhood cat videos. Oh, and I also absolutely love hyenas. Oh my god, their laugh is just precious. And I certainly hope my hyena laugh will get its due recognition someday.

Why Should you Watch that Funny Dog Video? Or Cat Video…

Psychologists have given up their equivalent of thumbs, saying that funny cat videos, dog videos, cat and dog videos, or any animal videos can help boost emotions within humans that strongly resemble happiness, joy, and other positive emotions. “Watching cute content online is easy and accessible and has been shown to neutralize negative emotions such as fear, anger, and disappointment,” says a renowned psychologist from the University of California.

One of the most interesting theories I read about why we love to watch animal videos and can’t get enough is attributed to us forging a connection or understanding. Man has stood apart due to his various abilities. And all through life, he is expected to relate to other fellow humans. However, when we see animals doing things typically associated with human behavior, we instantly relate to it. After all, art has a universal language. We send the video to our friends and family through this spark of connection or understanding. Another obvious but to-be-mentioned reason why funny animal pictures and funny animal videos are forever trending is their sheer adorability and hilarity.

The trend of animal videos skyrocketed out of the blue, with dozens of videos with funny animals captioned as funny cat videos in 2020 starting cropping up in everyone’s feed, rendering it nearly impossible to scroll past without watching at least two funny pet videos a day. My favorite funny pet videos include the scrabbling of a pet cat chasing a speck of light. Or the videos where funny puppies in cute little tutus try to keep all your attention on them. Or one of the elephant paintings, which hurts my drawing skills. And pretty birds have received more action than me for the past half-decade. However, it is proven that watching images and videos of funny animals for some time can visibly affect an individual’s blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety. So click on the next thumbnail that features cute little animals and laugh out loud.

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