How to Launch a WordPress Website Without the Headache

WordPress is a potent tool. However, claims of a ‘one-click setup need to be fascinated with a pinch of salt. From choosing the right template to choosing the right plugins, many choices want to be made. I released my business internet site on WordPress 3 months ago and came through some exciting twists and turns along the way. For everyone trying to use WordPress to launch a internet site (in preference to a blog), here are my tips on the way to launch your WordPress site without becoming one big headache.

Content comes first

The first region absolutely everyone desires to start with a website is a layout, and it’s far spotless to get sidetracked by this. My advice is to begin by way of the list of all of the content you want to include at the website online and then look for a design that supports your requirement. If you begin with the layout first, you’ll find yourself self-trying to fill gaps and plug holes, which may be tough to do. It is authentic that you are at the mercy of what is available if you buy an off-the-shelf WordPress theme. Still, maximum templates are customizable, so that you need to have the ability to discover a pretty near fit.

Choosing a WordPress topic

The hardest part of launching an internet site with WordPress usage is choosing a subject matter, also referred to as a template. Typing WordPress topics into Google delivers 128,000 consequences. I discovered the most steady sites in great and charge were Theme Forest, StudioPress, and Viva Themes. My recommendation is to try no longer to be dazzled with the aid of the designs and recognition of designs that fit you. Also, a WordPress subject matter website online will provide you with an in-depth rundown of everything this is included with the theme. Be sure to check:

  • Browser compatibility has been tested again in all major browsers
  • Which files are protected, e.G. Images, CSS style sheets, and many others?
  • If it’s miles widget-equipped and can be customized, use WordPress widgets.
  • Whether technical assist is supplied
  • Comments and scores left by using customers.
  • Test before you purchase

One of the biggest hindrances I faced while launching my business website become how nicely the topics I installed were carried out in distinctive browsers – even when it stated the templates had been examined in all main browsers. The issue I discovered turned into a slight ‘stall’ that could arise when the websites loaded up. This became the handiest half of a 2d, but lengthy sufficient to annoy a visitor to the website. Most sites will offer a ‘live preview’ version of the template. My recommendation is to open the preview in all the major browsers to ensure you are satisfied with how speedy the website loads.

Plugin search engine optimization

I am satisfied that search engine marketing includes a few sorts of black magic at times, but many plugins are accessible to get you started. After trialing some, I chose SEO1. It’s satisfactory and easy to configure, and works well. Once your website has been up and running for few weeks, I’d advise downloading an ordeal of SEO MOZ, so one can run thru your website online and factor out wherein you could enhance your On-web page optimization and give you a clear concept of the way your web site is rating and performing as compared to your competitors.

An excellent resource: 8 Excellent WordPress search engine marketing Plugins

Utilize one-click web hosting

If you are comfortable configuring servers and have your own FTP software program, you probably don’t need help putting in web hosting to your internet site. If you are new to WordPress and want a smooth manner to get your website online live, net web hosting corporations impart ‘one-click on’ WordPress installation and hosting programs. I chose Oz Hosting, and for $10 a month, it does what it says on the tin. The most effective downside is that you might not have got admission to the server itself and will want to depend on WordPress to configure your website.

Integrate social media

If you want to combine social media into your website and allow people to share, tweet, and like pages and posts, there are dozens of plugins to select from. However, if you do not want ‘proportion’ and ‘like’ buttons to seem on every page, and just your posts, ensure this selection is available. I actually have hooked up the ‘Straightforward Facebook and Twitter share buttons, which works nicely.


Use the WordPress community.

The WordPress community is huge, so ensure you faucet into consumer forums for advice and tips if you enjoy any problems along with the manner. The legitimate WordPress website online has an awesome person and technical support forums and must be any WordPress user’s first port of call.

Simon Hunter is the Director of Dot point – a Melbourne-based digital business enterprise specializing in internet content material and content material writing for websites and blogs. Simon, a former journalist, has spent the final ten years writing content and dealing with websites.

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