How to Migrate From Drupal to WordPress

Are you a professional blogger? Then you have to have understood the prominence of WordPress, overshadowing Drupal. Many professional bloggers at the moment are converting their internet pages from Drupal to WordPress. Reason? WordPress is simpler, better, and consumer-friendlier. Many tech-savvy humans may additionally argue that Drupal is an appropriate vicinity for technically sound ones; however, many, who cite for the warfare, have faced in the course of posting their blogs in Drupal. There are multiple motives why many web customers are switching from Drupal to WordPress. If you are interested in imbibing the technique for better running a blog revel in, here are a few tips on migrating from Drupal to WordPress, cited beneath. Before landing on the topic, permit’s take a look at why you may want the switch.

Why WordPress is better than Drupal:

WordPress is quicker than Drupal. The obligations that you could carry out on Drupal may be achieved a good deal quicker on WordPress. WordPress has the autosave choice, which looks after your incomplete content; at the same time as on Drupal, there may be no such option in the textual content editor. WordPress offers extra Plugins.

WordPress has the Thesis subject, which takes greater care to make your page rank better in search engines like Google. There is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor on WordPress, with which you do not must take more burdens to feature HTML hyperlinks. Moderating remarks is simpler on WordPress.

How to replace WordPress with Drupal: Migrating from Drupal to WordPress isn’t an easy venture. You first want to work on the offline copies within the archive. Dump the Drupal database out of your machine and import it right into a sparkling database. You can use MySQL for this conversion.

Install WordPress into your gadget using the old database server, wherein the Drupal database is kept. You now have Drupal and WordPress jogging on the same server, however, in a separate database. Don’t neglect to offer specific names to the databases.

You might also need a few programming expertise with MySQL and PHP to work on Drupal. You can allow PHP on Drupal following the direction:


You want to alternate the area; else, Google will keep it as duplicate content material. With moderate coding, you can tell Google that the content material is being shifted from Drupal to WordPress. After the switch, you need to put up something; allow ‘Input Format.’

This is the basic system of migrating from Drupal to WordPress. Now login to the WordPress website online, and you may supposedly discover all your contents and posts along with the comments to your new WordPress website online. If you locate all your posts and feedback in the migrated database, you could unload the WordPress database and import the archive into a new database at the server. Now a brand new WordPress must be set up and configured on the server so you can use the brand new database well.

Drupal to WordPress

Your WordPress website online is ready. Happy blogging!

Ishita Ganguly is a generation expert, running as a contract technical writer with Evon Technologies. She has written on several technical domain names, rising technology, and modern-day industry practices. Presently she is installing an effort to write for people having no or less technical information and introduce them to various software technology and blessings of outsourcing.

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