Is This the Next Big Site on the Internet?

A concept I should replicate over something that may be “the following massive component” on the Internet. I’m now not speaking about some lame new “get rich quick” opportunity but about something that could be a primary participant on the Internet for plenty of human beings within the (close to?) future. The web page I talk to is Leapfish. I have even done a few online studies on that website, and they have a few sincerely cool capabilities. If you are the kind of man or woman who loves to do your property paintings while studying a subject, you possibly seek some engines accessible:


Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, and many others. Then, you may realize they all have unique algorithms to index your search. With different words, what is on Google’s page one isn’t always important on Yahoo’s page one, and so forth. So the first aspect that I like about Leapfish is they pull out just as fast as some other search engines the outcomes in your search for Google, Yahoo! And Bing in a single spot, which is clean, too. Additionally, if that is no longer all, they have a more enhanced search choice that not only pull up the sites related to high-quality or pleasant rating and so on, but they pull out the most recent stuff related to your search.

They are up to date on global information with the aid of Yahoo, Celebrity information from the US, Sports news from Yahoo, and Mashable for social media news and movement. Finally, they have the maximum number of famous motion pictures related to your search; you take your mouse over the video, and it starts playing properly away there and then. Normally, it will take you to YouTube or wherever the video source is, and right here, you will locate the most famous video associated with your search.

However, what interested me is the possibility of proportioning the whole lot in any category with the pinnacle of ten social networks available today. The ten websites are Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Mixx, StumbleUpon, Reddit Technorati, Delicious, Yahoo Buzz, and Kaboodle. When you are taking your mouse over any information article or whatever, you’ll see a “proportion” button. So whatever you seek from you may percentage it to all of your friends, followers, leads, and so forth, you do the mathematics.

Conclusion: This is a pretty excellent online website, clean to navigate, and has a lot of suitable excellent content material. But I commenced this publication with this will be “the next massive issue” because of what I located once I saw what they have accomplished in much less than 18 months. As you may see in the picture on this post, this web page is not ranked worldwide around 10 00 for the three months; it ranks around 7000 the day past March 4, 2010. The ranking in the United States is about 2000. As you can see from these stats, this website online is transferring very fast, and I will keep a look at this website shortly. PS! They grew about identical in less than 18 months than Google did in 4 years.

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