Most Common Windows 8 Problems with Solutions

Have you set up the present-day OS model – Windows 8, but are you going through issues with this new Microsoft release?

Finally, the Start Button is Back!

Microsoft’s eight.1 version may have a “Start” button like the only gift inside the previous working structures. However, this button will take you to the modern Windows 8 display screen in place of the conventional Start Menu.


The release of Windows eight was the most-awaited occasion in the computing arena, but with the new consumer interface and advanced features, users are going through problems. These mistakes may be machine-related or hardware troubles. However, before we make any adjustments to the gadget’s settings, it’s far advisable to check its hardware. Check the connectivity of all the peripherals and also the power connections of the gadget. Also, earlier than playing with the settings, it’s far beneficial to relax with the OS. This is particularly necessary within Windows 8 because some of the often-used settings and release packages are tucked away or are positioned in tiled places. So, it is crucial to recognize the location of all the vital settings. Fixing the Windows eight troubles will become easy by using following the steps mentioned underneath.

12 Problems with Windows eight

Windows Shutting Down Automatically

If your machine is shutting down or rebooting itself routinely, our general answer can be to check the hardware. However, the problem lies with the Hybrid function of the machine.


✒ Go to Start and kind Power.
✒ Then, go to Settings. A Power Options window will open.
✒ Choose the What the power button does the alternative.
✒ Now click on the Change settings, which are the presently unavailable choice.
✒ Now, uncheck the Turn On Fast Startup (Recommended) option and click on Save.

Metro Apps Freezes

The Metro Apps can also freeze as soon as you start your device. This trouble is because of the user account management (UAC) feature.


✒ Go to Start and click on the UAC characteristic. Also, you could type User within the start menu.
✒ Click on Settings, and alternate the UAC settings to Default settings.

Printer Not Responding

For printer system defects or printer-now not-responding problems, first test the hardware connections. Check if the printer cable is properly plugged in and if the printer driver is properly installed. Even after checking and rectifying those settings, if the printer still doesn’t reply, then the trouble may additionally lie with the drivers.


✒ Uninstall the Printer.
✒ Go to the Start Menu and kind Drivers & Printers.
✒ In this menu, test the Add New Device option.
✒ Select your driver and install it.
✒ Now restart your laptop.


Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Issues

Due to the numerous capabilities of Windows eight, it’s miles advisable to improve to this version of OS. However, you could encounter the 0xc00000e9 error throughout the up-gradation. This problem will arise if you have disconnected a removable garage tool whilst it becomes nevertheless in use.


✒ Go to Start and type cmd.
✒ Now in the command set off, kind C: or cd until you attain the C drive by popping out of the directories.
✒ Type chkdsk/r to detect the terrible sectors and recover information. Restart your device, after which try to upgrade the OS.

You can also try the following solution.

✒ Go to My Computer, in which all of the drives will appear.
✒ Right-click on the force wherein the OS is established (normally C:) and visit Properties.
✒ Now, click on Tools, and in the Error Checking Option-click on Check Now.
✒ Check each of the options in the window that appears.
✒ Now, restart your device and try and improve the OS.

✒ If this does not work out, then visit the producer’s website and replace your BIOS. Now, try the upgradation; this has to resolve the hassle.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

The 0xc0000001 blunders can also occur because of no unique cause. These errors may additionally pop up in case of a software program in addition to hardware problems. Also, this error will sometimes seem to recognize a way to resolve this.


✒ First, flip off the device and restart it.
✒ While the system is restarting, at once, press Shift+F8, the Recovery window will appear.
✒ Click on the See superior repair options.
✒ In the window that appears, click on Troubleshoot choice.
✒ Now, click on the Windows Startup Settings option within the Advanced Options window.
✒ Click on Restart on the brand new window that looks. The machine will routinely complete the setup, and upon restart, the system might be handy.

Outlook.Com Account is Blocked

Microsoft temporarily blocks the person account if there may be unsolicited mail detected. So, while you log in to your account, you can find blunders.

Internet Explorer has Crashed.

While you are browsing the Internet, there are probabilities that the browser may also crash or forestall running completely due to a few network issues. You can try a few answers to restart it.


✒ Swipe from the right area and faucet the Search choice or press Window+W.
✒ Enter Windows Update within the seek field, and in the results, click on Check for Updates option.
✒ If there are any updates to be had, install them and restart your machine.

If this doesn’t paintings, repair the authentic IE settings.

✒ Go to the Tools choice on the IE web page.
✒ Click on Internet Options and open Advanced Tab.
✒ Click the Reset option.
✒ Now, close the browser and restart the machine so that the new settings will take effect.

Unable to Install or Play Games

Some video games are not Windows eight-like minded, like NFS ProStreet, and so on. So, in such cases, it is beneficial to put these in Windows 7 Compatibility mode.


✒ First, download the modern version of the game from the producer’s website.
✒ Then, press Window+W at the keyboard or visit the Search field using swiping from the proper part.
✒ Type Compatibility inside the seek box that looks or absolutely type Compatibility at the beginning screen to open the hunt container.
✒ In the listing that appears to the left of the display, look for Run programs made for previous versions of Windows and click on it.
✒ Select the sport of your preference and install it.

Older Programs Do Not Run

Not all the old packages run easily on the new platform of Windows 8. So, you could exchange the compatibility settings for running these applications.


✒ Go to the Start screen and kind Compatibility.
✒ Now, click on the Compatibility tab and pick out the Compatibility mode option. This will run the packages that are not designed for Windows 8. If your software can still run, you can choose the Run in reduced coloration mode option.

Unable to Run.Exe Files

If you’re dealing with problems in beginning executable files, then the problem is with the compatibility of those documents with v8.


✒ Locate the.Exe report which you wish to open and properly click on it.
✒ In the alternatives that appear, choose the Run in compatibility mode option.
✒ Save the setting, and now, attempt to open the record—this placing needs to do the trick.

Wi-Fi or Wired Connections Not Working Properly

The broadband connections needed to connect to the Internet can also need some troubleshooting if they’re no longer working exceptionally. First, disconnect the modem/router and wait until the LED lighting is off. Now, reconnect them and restart the gadget. If you’re the usage of a wireless router, reconnect energy to the router.


✒ Go to Start Menu and type Connect.
✒ Click on Settings choice, and within the alternatives that seem, click on the Connect to a Network option. This ought to resolve the problem.

Alternately, you may also strive for the subsequent solution.

✒ Move your mouse to the lower-left corner of the house display, properly click, and pick the Device Manager alternative.
✒ In the window that appears, double click on the Network Adapters alternative.
✒ Right, click on the network option you’re the usage of and pick out Uninstall.
✒ Now, restart your gadget, reinstall the device motive force, and try connecting to the Internet.

.NET Framework Installation Error

All of you who have attempted putting in.Net Framework in your Windows 8-enabled system could have encountered the 0x800F0906 error. The maximum common cause for this mistake is the Firewall or proxy settings.



✒ Go to Control Panel and select Programs and Features alternative.
✒ Here, pick the Turn Windows functions on or off.
✒ In the window that appears, tick the Microsoft .NET Framework model and click on OK.
✒ If the system activates you to download a few files, you need to go to Windows Update (See answer for Internet Explorer crashed).
✒ If updates are available, install them, after which restart your machine for the modifications to take effect.

Similarly, if your trouble nonetheless persists, follow the steps given under to use the Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) approach:

✒ Go to Start and sort cmd (make sure you are logged in as administrator).
✒ In the Command Prompt, in case your set up media is in D: then, type the following command – Dism /on-line /enable-function /feature name:NetFx3 /All /Source::sourcessxs /LimitAccess.
✒ You can deploy .NET from this area.

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