Nigeria At 50: The Way Forward For Her Education

It is now not news that the price of failure within the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and the National Examinations Council (NECO) exams; the 2 important examinations college students need to adopt for successful completion of secondary college and to qualify for admission into higher institutions of studying, have expanded highly through the years. The percentage of failure as Nigeria grew to become fifty this 12 months is alarming as over 70% of students who undertook the aforementioned examinations failed Mathematics and English Language; the two foremost subjects a student has to skip to get admitted into maximum publications in better institutions. A query must be requested; have our schooling region improve or decline as a state?

Her Education

These latest events have shown the insensitiveness of those installed fees of our education quarter within the beyond few years to the rotten nature of the sector. Each of the selection makers inside the area brings up their own guidelines as quickly as they expect energy. This has caused the instability of our education as new syllabus and patterns are employed every time there’s a brand new choice-maker within the area. Funny enough, the contemporary Minister for Education, within the wake of the recent failure of students in Secondary Schools Certificate Examinations (SSCE), counseled that the wide variety of subjected provided in these examinations could be reduced from 9 (nine) to five (5) as she believed the well-sized nature of maximum of these subjects could have been answerable for the students’ failure. Sadly, we might also wake up tomorrow and find out that her opinion has ended a law. I’m afraid I disagree with her opinion, and I believed many well-that means Nigerians might do identical. At fifty, I agree that Nigeria might have gotten it right, as a minimum in this vital area, but manifestly, we have not.

We all consider that youths are the leaders of the day after today. Unfortunately, we’re infrequently doing anything to make certain that the destiny is vibrant. Education is extra than simply teaching, reading, and passing examinations. Perhaps, that is in which we got it all incorrect. If Nigeria is going to achieve something first-rate, extra attention needs to accept to the instructional zone. We may not need professors to construct this area as we all realize how corrupt the arena has gotten, and all and sundry ought to have become a professor by way of any manner- I stand to be corrected, even though. We want folks passionate about Nigeria’s destiny, those who might be prepared to forsake their comfort for the nation’s sake, visionary individuals. We need leaders, now, not managers. Leaders paintings by way of imaginative and prescient, Managers work by way of sight.

Our educational gadget is obviously heading for doom and our nation’s future in jeopardy if folks who recognize education because the teaching and education of the mind and man or woman, and not just passing tests are not allowed to run it. Saving our education is the handiest manner to keep Nigeria’s destiny. The future leaders want to recognize what management is all approximately, their personal desires to construct. This may be performed thru education. We need to store our education from the savaging choice makers.

Her Education

I don’t know if I’m the simplest person who has observed that now not simplest, the selection makers are killing our training; the corporate bodies aren’t assisting both. In times past, schools used to be thrilling for the terrific students that the other college students strive to be better than them in different matters to strike a balance. Several contests and competitions saw a healthy competition broaden amongst students, bringing out the fine in many. This turned into how splendid guys in diverse fields have been born in the past.

There is an ailment in Nigeria now that could see company our bodies and people do only things others are already doing. Maybe it turned into existent then, and in all likelihood, that becomes why many agencies were sponsoring many competitions in colleges. The spotlight moved to leisure some years returned. It had been not easy in our education area, seeing that numerous expertize-hunt shows and contests emerge each day with huge company bodies as sponsors. Almost all companies doing well and sponsoring matters in their giving-again-to-the-society plan have forsaken the instructional sector. Young human beings win thousands and thousands of Naira in several expertize-hunt shows throughout the united states of America, and their opposite numbers suffering to keep up with the mission of specializing in education despite distractions from the sides are blown away. Nobody seems to be watching for what the destiny will carry if they keep doing well in their education whilst there may be an opportunity to win millions if you can showcase your talent. The era of educative contests and shows appears to be fading away. We now listen to headlines like “21-year antique wins N2.Five million in the talent-hunt display”. MTN’s “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” appears to be the most famous and most rewarding educative show left; however, what number of younger human beings inside the 16-25 age range has gained something massive at the show?

Youths seem to be losing it. There are books of general expertise, motivational books, and the likes. How many have you acquired within the closing three years as an adolescent? There are businesses with educative programs like speak shows, contests, and many others. Have they ever gotten a hazard at getting exact sponsors? Some youths confirmed the prospectus of their enterprise, and I turned into inspired to know there are nonetheless youths who have loads upstairs. Sadly, I’ve no longer been able to hook them up with a sponsor ever given that.

I am now not pronouncing the skills-hunt that is terrible; neither am I pronouncing it ought to be stopped. I’m just a crusader for an alternate who believes we should use greater sponsors within the academic area to support prepared essay competitions, challenge quizzes, poetry contests, and so forth. Let’s deliver teaching the youths our excellent shot and watch what becomes of our first-rate nation.

Her Education

As the elders say, “What a vintage man sees sitting down, a boy can’t see it even if he climbs a tree.” Let’s hear out the antique men who have always been right here and follow their exact recommendations. They may have seen what we may additionally by no means see.

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