Nine Best Ways to Become Energy Independent, and Revolutionize the World

I’d promised to jot down greater on the concept of loose electricity within the closing article, and so here I’m going to maintain that promise. This article will deal with what I feel are the pinnacle 9 applicants for revolutionizing the sector with loose energy sources. Just imagine a global of the destiny, in which the idea of placing oil into your vehicle could sound completely ridiculous.. Where electrically powered agencies don’t exist. Wherein you would be loopy to even think about paying a bill each month so your energy doesn’t exist. Well, you are probably surprised, this far-off futuristic world sincerely isn’t ways at all. Free strength is already right here. But how come some of you observed it’s still years and years away? Because you’ve got been lied to. I, too, though it become total BS until I started discovering it.


It turns out we have many sources of free electricity that exist these days. The paintings, they’re dependable, a few are fairly inexpensive, some can power your house or vehicle, all reason little or no or no pollutants, and all are impartial of non-renewable sources (coal, oil). Unfortunately, a lot of these innovative strategies in no way appear to “make it” into the market, equipped for sensible implementation.

Well, believe it or no longer, it’s totally due to authorities suppression. For the ones that do not recognize how it works, understand that the U.S. Authorities (among many others) were offered and paid for – it’s miles the rich world bankers and oil businesses that influence government policy as a way to maintain their area of financial electricity. When you have got sufficient cash to influence government regulations, you can use your wealth to bribe human beings within the very highest political positions, all of the way up to the Presidency. These world bankers are simplest worried about making extra cash, at the expense of The People.

Morals and human decency get thrown out the window. These financial elite aren’t definitely looking to casually maintain a lid on it so we can profit for a bit while longer, but in fact, are doing their quality to very aggressively keep the generation a mystery. While a number of this era is distinctly new, some of it we’ve had for years. Inventors and marketers eager to get this era accessible have died, and others were incarcerated over the concept of strength independence getting out and breaking into the general market. (See my different submit about the Geet Fuel Processor.)

This monetary elite won’t achieve success, although – this is the coolest information. There are too many conscientious humans scattered far and extensive which can be determined to make this era recognized to the world and placed into not unusual, everyday use – doing away with our addiction to grease, home and foreign.

So lower back to these world-changing power assets. They come from what is historically notion of as the four elements of nature: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. I’ll be breaking down each class, and providing what I see as the excellent strategy to sell loose energy. In addition, there may be 1 more I can think about that truly do not fall into any of those classes. For those which are skeptical about what I’m telling you concerning any of these techniques, just Google it – it’s all out there. Take this info for what it is.


Geothermal power. In the handiest of terms, the core of our planet it’s miles very, particularly warm. This warmness radiates all in the course of the earth, beneath the crust. There are some different strategies to seize this geothermal power from the floor. But normally speaking, one utilizes huge tubes that reach downward, into the earth all the way all the way down to the molten magma under the crust. The magma is siphoned up thru the tube, and the thermal power is accumulated and converted to electric energy on the surface. The manner leaves a fluid, which receives pumped again into the magma so the geothermic properly doesn’t dry up, so to speak. The other type of geothermal electricity is lots shallower, the usage of conductors going simplest 5-10 ft into the floor, winding around in precise patterns. This is more proper to smaller scale applications, like installing to your backyard. Of direction, this kind does not pull as much energy as one that burrows down lots of it, but it does indeed produce enough power to lower your electric powered and heating payments.


Magnetic engines also are a completely possible source of loose electricity. There are many designs of motors out there, however, the simple idea is that extra energy is received from the tool that is spent powering huge electromagnets. There are also sorts of magnetic engines that work without the use of electromagnets, choosing rare earth magnets. It sounds like crazy technological know-how fiction that useable power could be produced the usage of clearly magnetic pressure, but it is a truth. And it’s compact enough to install an automobile, in the location of the traditional internal combustion engine – running models exist. No extra gasoline stations or oil, ever. In my opinion, this technology is ways extra usable and realistic, on a massive or small scale.

Obviously, the one that involves mind immediately is wind electricity. You’ve in all likelihood seen those massive windmills, whether or not it’s in pix or alongside positive highways. The principle is easy – the propellers spin, capturing the kinetic strength at the middle, and converting it into electric power, equipped to get pumped into your property so that you can plug in your pc and examine this text. This generation works first-class with the one’s giant three-bladed windmills, but they also can be scaled all the way down to more localized use. Of path, these smaller devices do not produce quite as a good deal stronger. We recognize this technology works and is scalable. Though in our u. S . A ., wind energy most effective money owed for 1.Five% of our public electricity, in Denmark it is a whopping 20%.

Well, the internal combustion engine worked for some time, but it is now taken into consideration primitive and previous. There are a lot higher options. Now energy may be harnessed through the most important supply of fire within the sun machine – The Sun. In reality, we’ve not been able to try this as a viable solution for years thru solar panels. Although experimenting with the era commenced as early because the 1860’s, we have had it to some extent where we have been constructing sun power vegetation in the 1980’s. These plants, if enough were ever built for the duration of the southwestern a part of the U.S. (getting the most sun), could be sufficient to run the whole USA. Yes, on solar strength all through itself, without a pollution in any way (apart from the centers wished that could produce the vital components which sincerely are not all that complex, incredibly speaking. ) There are sun-powered cars, sure, but for that software, there are an awful lot higher alternatives, one being the magnetic motor, and the alternative the use of an engine that runs on water, as you may examine about under.

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Hydroelectricity is one that involves mind right away, like from the Hoover Dam. The water flow turns big turbines, and the ensuing kinetic power is converted into strength, similar to these kinds of different assets in which the intention is to turn a wheel (windmills, the magnetic engine, and many others.)

Other water-powered sources of power (hydropower) come within the varieties of tidal strength, using the predictability of tidal waves, and wave electricity, which utilizes big buoys to harness the wave electricity that continually crashes. Because of the truth that our oceans are constantly shifting, and show no sign of preventing, those forms of hydropower are taken into consideration both a green and renewable aid.

As a long way as powering a car using totally water rather than fuel, yes, that is completely a hundred% feasible, and it really works quite nicely. It’d been kept under wraps for years, but it’s made a resurgence in the past couple of many years. Now there are engines that, through electrolysis, destroy apart H2O into it is base elements, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. A few fundamental vehicle organizations outside of the U.S. Are going to begin producing vehicles that run on water, and it is inevitable that these imports will be made to be had in America quickly after.

And my favored so-called “bloodless fusion”. It additionally occurs to be the electricity supply this is maximum closely repressed, mainly other unfastened electricity technologies, to the point where researchers automatically get slammed by the medical journals and are consistently denied investment. In the maximum simplistic terms, it refers to the electrolysis of what is known as “heavy water”, or deuterium oxide. The water answer interacts with two cathodes, made of various metals, which vary – some work better than others, it would seem. There is mounting evidence that it feasible to “create” energy thru what some are calling a “cold” nuclear reaction, this means that that it may occur at room temperatures and deliver off no deadly radiation, rather than those problems being found in “hot” fusion, requiring severe warmth and calls for heavy and ridiculously luxurious equipment to make manifest.

Cold fusion is tons greater manageable – it is a whole lot less pricey, can exist inside a tumbler jar, and is easy-burning. Cold fusion continues to be a mystery regarding precisely the way it works, however, we do realize that a byproduct of the response is hydrogen. Some say it is not technically fusion this is going on for you to create the strongest, who prefer to call it “Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)”, however, the truth nonetheless stays that it does produce electricity. However, my guess is the massive majority of human beings are going to maintain calling it “bloodless fusion” even if it seems to no longer be actual fusion, sort of like how human beings call all bathroom tissue “Kleenex”. Even even though many scientists declare the technology defies the regarded legal guidelines of physics, we want to remember the fact that at one time phones and launching ourselves into space had been considered not possible. I’m satisfied, this is the generation as a way to revolutionize the arena.


There is one greater source of energy which might be very much really worth mentioning, even though they do not strictly fall into any of the above categories. The first class is Biofuels. Biofuels are truly fuels which are organically renewable (can be grown). These may be grown thru in particular bred ocean algae and land vegetation, harvested and regrown. However, although many newer motors that run on biofuels, they nonetheless need to be chemically processed, and aren’t one hundred% smooth-burning. For use in automobiles, an engine that runs on biofuels continues to be very a great deal a greener alternative than traditional gas – however, in my opinion, there are lots better options.

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