Reorganize the Health Care System

It is a fundamental human proper and an important measure of social justice. The authorities ought to play the principal function of regulating, financing, and offering fitness care. Everyone faces the possibility of terrible fitness.


The danger must be shared broadly to make certain fair treatment and equitable fees, and everybody needs to percentage duty for contributing to the device via modern financing.

The fee for fitness care is growing. Over the beyond years, its expenditure has risen quicker than the fee will increase pronounced in different sectors of the economy. As a be counted of truth, the unfastened marketplace would not paintings for the fitness care system.

The first is a non-public approach of financing through employees’ and corporations’ cash as premiums for the acquisition of private insurance, which affords hospital treatment. The hooked-up order leaves way at the back of forty-seven million humans without medical health insurance.

The 2nd way utilized by all advanced countries of the arena is by way of taxing the people for fitness care, which generates a pool of cash, financing it thru the budgets of the nations. The people of our country decide on private health insurance and private fitness care. Getting accustomed, over time to the existing system, our humans reject all different proposals impartial on their merits.

An analysis of the performing machine of private health insurance shows that this, in essence, is a social approach to the distribution of accrued premiums. The coverage businesses acquire charges from all insured employees and spend part of them for fitness care for needy sufferers. As we see, private remains most effective in the misappropriation of income. Social distribution is accomplished no longer on the scale of the entire USA but is best confined by way of each medical insurance corporation.


Medical coverage organizations use the idea of their operations as an unfair exercise. They pick out for medical insurance only quite younger, healthy, operating people, which not often are unwell. They continuously increase the premium rates, except for retirees who need drastically extra care. Thus, the medical insurance organizations mounted for themselves hothouse situations. They make billions of bucks in profits, which in essence is an easy misappropriation of the unused method of healthy people, that don’t want clinical offerings. Justifiably that manner must be set aside in a unique fund and used for care while these people retire.

Under the prevailing machine, medical insurance agencies have each purpose of restricting our care and increasing our co-bills and deductibles. HMOs are famous for refusing to cover necessary hospital live, denying human beings coverage for emergency room visits, and balking at medically necessary tactics and remedies. The fundamental motive our machine is so costly is that it has to assist earnings-hungry HMOs. In the U.S., thirty percent of each top rate dollar will pay for administrative fees and income.

HMOs stand as a useless impediment in between docs and their sufferers. A query occurs. Is it necessary to have HMOs in the system? The answer is clear. There is not any want for HMOs. This is a pointless hyperlink, and it wants to be abolished. It is vital to set up a system that allows companies to concentrate on care, not on income margins.

The healthcare device desires an essential alternate and development. It is composed precisely that it is necessary to decide a ripe task about improving medical care, simultaneously reducing the fees and providing all citizens of our united states with good care. This predominant trouble brooks no similarly postpone. It is typically recognized that fitness care in our united states of America equates with small commercial enterprise. All individuals are interested, like every enterprise, in receiving the very best feasible income.

Under current circumstances of an irrational corporation of medical care in our u. S ., it’s far necessary to look for new structures to fulfill the requirements of a modern truth.

Inevitably involves mind an end of advisability to reorganize the complete structure of hospital treatment. Instead of first-rate numbers of small unproductive clinical places of work, it’s far most excellent to prepare huge-scale multi-profile scientific clinics, every one of them to be connected to a nearby clinic and operating in two shifts.

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These outpatients’ clinics ought to be ready with contemporary medical and records – pc generation, in addition to modern laboratories, and carry out in all of the vital medical examinations, assessments, techniques, and so forth., extensively elevating the satisfaction of hospital treatment and hard work productivity of all clinical workforce.

Another critical measure – the essential exchange of existing fee devices for medical doctor’s care. We offer the advent of pay through the hour remuneration gadget within the shape of charge of salaries. Salaries for medical doctors should be established independently with the qualification, showed every 5 years, exemplary a hundred and fifty-2 hundred-250 thousand dollars yearly besides that need to be mounted to distribute bonuses for efficaciously completed surgeries and excellent clinical remedies patients. This surely will switch over the attention of scientific medical doctors to exceptional fitness offerings for patients. In essence, the handiest such radical changes can be called hospital therapy reform.

It is beneficial to set up a public, non-earnings organization for the medical care of the whole u. S ., with branches in all states. The management of the non-income enterprise needs to be finished by way of the nice experts in medicine, science, economics, finances, and public relationship. They should take full obligation for the hospital treatment of the whole populace and useful manner for financing it. It ought to encompass effective mechanisms for controlling charges of medical care. All controversial questions need to be determined among scientific docs-professionals from this enterprise and treating medical doctors. This can be a controlled fitness care gadget. Managed care reflects u. S. A .’s exceptional method to an ordinary human venture. The price of hospital therapy needs to be contained. The rationale for restrict putting policies must be specific and readily available to the public. The rationale should display how the coverage promotes accurate care of individuals and the finest use of to be had resources for the large population.

Reorganize the Health Care System

It is beneficial to lose the clinical medical doctors from insurance against instances of committing clinical mistakes, lifting them the heavy burden of useless wasted expenses. Medical doctors, undoubted, ought to bring the responsibility for committing crook negligence inside the performance in their duties, inflicting irreparable harm to the fitness of treating patients.

The fundamental aspect and the handiest supply of financing need to be using a unique tax for those functions. It must be worked out a scientifically grounded percentage of tax for the earnings of employees and income of businesses and companies, generating a fund, which ought to defray prices on fitness care. This fund needs to be directed to the approach from Medicare and Medicaid. Thus, all of the approaches for financing hospital therapy ought to be directed from the budgets to the general public, non-profit organizations. Properly, this agency has to exercise session in detail an estimated expenditure of its finances. Within reasonable limits of this, finances will be maintained throughout the whole hospital treatment system.

A medical institution of appropriate profile ought to training session this type of finances. If one might also place it in that manner, we can expect that the protection fee of medical care below the brand new favorable situations may be extensively lower than at gift time. It appears to us that the proposed perfected system units a protect to out of control costs of hospital treatment, which underneath the gadget of unlimited presentation of payments to Insurance agencies, Medicare and Medicaid become just like a snowball, uninterruptedly going downhill at the verge of catastrophe.

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