Review on a WordPress Blogging Workshop Attended

I even have been continually identifying a way to construct my very own product mini website and weblog all these years. However, I am no longer capable of setup one because of my confined knowledge of technical know-how. Finally, I am very thankful to learn how lots simpler it’s miles to build a mini internet site and weblog with WordPress software from running a blogging workshop. Most importantly, after the workshop, I found out that WordPress is a especially bendy open supply software with search engine marketing features built-in; as a result, it facilitates many Internet marketers who wish to boom their website and blog ranking without charge.

What I, in my opinion, benefited from this workshop are:

(1) Training on registering a domain name to host a WordPress mini-website/weblog online to my interest. It is fantastic to create a website/weblog according to our interest so that it is a lot less difficult for us to answer queries from visitors, gift product associated articles, and persuade readers that we’re the problem professional, and no longer just in simple terms marketer or product promoter.

Selling our personal physical or virtual product through an internet site/blog is our remaining goal. However, there are numerous different methods to sell other entrepreneurs’ merchandise through our website/blog and earn a commission out of it. (2) Tips on the way to monetize from our product mini internet site/blog to earn extra passive income.

(three) Tips on the way to enhance your internet site/weblog ranking in seek engine, without needed to pay big quantity to get it accomplished. Even if you move the easy manner to pay for excessive rating, there may be no guarantee it will sustain there for long. It is better to study the method. Though a little difficult work is needed to put in, it is more sustainable as you acquire the talent to sustain it.

(4) Know the difference among the traits of internet sites and weblog. It is beneficial to research whether our product/provider is more appropriate to market via dispensing channels. Every product/service has a greater efficient mode to attract more site visitors, which we should find out to our advertising advantage. For instance, employment placement offerings are better to be hosted as a website as your customers know what they need before touring your website; for this reason, it is just a rely on what appealing carrier package deal is offered through you that draws them. This is what I termed as a ‘want to have service for the capacity customers.

On the alternative hand, a virtual product like ‘how to earn passive earnings’ is better to market thru a weblog. I termed this as a ‘exact to have’ product. A weblog with regular information replace and sincere sharing can increase the self-belief of your readers and build credentials for yourself over the long run. People tend to buy ‘properly to have’ products from trustworthy dealers, and a blog is a tremendous channel to accumulate courting and consider over the longer term.

After the workshop, I controlled to set up my first descent searching blog, although now not as professional yet. Great encouragement to myself is, after constructing up my first blog and hosted it online, I experience a excellent feel of pride, and it influenced me to replicate the identical system to create my 2nd blog the usage of a exceptional WordPress topic for any other product. I learned from this duplication process that we no longer want to realize how a mechanism works (if we aren’t successful in achieving this). So long we study its packages, we can get the project achieved. Thanks to the mechanism creator for your outstanding contribution.

Blogging Workshop Attended

I change my belief in the WORDPRESS theme after exploring its numerous bendy features and implementing them. Actually, we can personalize our weblog/website. WordPress subject matters really via enhancing simplest and want no longer creating, to attain our desired layout without a lot of technical understanding. So do no longer feel that simply WORDPRESS topically is loose; it has low or no fee. Instead, it’s far otherwise if you explore deeper into its features.

You can now attend KC Tan’s WORDPRESS blogging workshop for FREE. The most effective condition is to host 1 yr of website hosting service with the organizer, that’s barely less expensive than maximum hosting services. If you want to build a weblog/internet site, and the web hosting fee is inevitable anyway, why no longer be a part of this workshop and advantage WORDPRESS information for FREE? Jimmy Teo (MBA, UK, management consultancy) has sooner or later created his blog to guide human beings on the way to make money online [http://making-money-guide.Net] after the workshop.

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