Samsung PN50C6500 Review – Excellence and Affordability

Samsung has efficaciously controlled to create its area inside the market of High definition TVs over the last few years. People now pick shopping for the Samsung televisions more than some other large names already dominating the marketplace. However plasma televisions appear as a recent inclination amongst the humans, but now not all plasma TVs could guarantee excessive overall performance and low costs- In fact, many agree with that these are overly-priced. Samsung PN50C6500 might be an exception to this. It is superlative with reference to performance, yet pretty reasonable in the fees. Getting plasma TV, widescreen and that too of 50 inches (diagonally) should never be that smooth.

Grand photo quality is the foremost hanging feature of Samsung PN50C6500. Although it isn’t always 3-d TV, the photo quality is just too remarkable. Colors are specific from blacks and are quite lively. The motion is likewise easy and all different features one would love to have their TV. The decision of 1920 x 1080, coupled with the show layout of 1080p can guarantee you the quality! Moreover 60 Hz (refresh rate) and pixel reaction time of zero.001 ms method that PN50C6500 is also a viable alternative if you are a video-gaming maniac. It additionally has the generation of Progressive Scan Progressive scanning (line doubling) and is compatible with HDCP. All, in all it may be an immediately-forward preference for plenty.

The enter slots like the USB port and the multimedia ports are available at the lower back of the plasma TV. However, the maximum stunning function of Samsung PN50C6500 is the provision of internet facility. Your favorite online video games, social websites like Facebook and Twitter, messengers like Yahoo and Google, photograph buckets like Picasa all can very easily be accessed thru your Samsung PN50C6500 TV set offering superb streaming of web sites.

The cost is not chiefly constant, and varies around the $1097.00 – $1349.00 mark. There are outlets or suppliers who offer Samsung PN50C6500 on the prices on lower spectrum, you can nicely ought to discover a chunk. Shipment expenses might not be inclusive within the primary price. Please do undergo in mind that due to extensive dimensions and high weight, cargo expenses could be notably better. It would be to your advantage to buy from a nearby store, if the unique product is available. Besides, Samsung PN50C6500 comes with a manufacturer guarantee of 1 year, additionally make sure which you get one from the provider.

Although no longer properly reputed in regards to its sound nice, Samsung PN50C6500 does have pretty excellent sound capabilities. It has a total of two built-in speakers with an output of 20 Watt. It has the mode of surround and the SRS True Surround HD. Besides, there is variability in the audio controls as well, and the feature of SRS. Not to be unmentioned, there are folks who whinge about the demanding ‘buzz’ sound that comes from the TV from time to time. However, this is not a primary problem to be concerned approximately.

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Being aesthetically eye-catching, Samsung PN50C6500 should outline your bed room/guestroom inside the most beauteous way. It is slim and sleek, bright black in color, glossy display screen and elegant in appearance imply that it’s far equally attractive, both when on and rancid. Furthermore, Samsung PN50C6500 comes with a nice-searching and compact stand for the TV (inclusive of the number one fee). The stand too is beauteous and desk-top in nature.

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