Should You Believe the Mac Ads? Is Mac Really Better Than PC?

Going through high school and college with a PC was an irritating revelation for me, even being a tech-savvy user. I constructed PCs for friends, knew Windows inner out, and had constant problems myself… I wasn’t the common person. Still, I needed to struggle with my fair percentage of troubles, from viruses to hard disk crashes to constant reinstallation of the running device for one cause. Sometimes, it becomes due to how Windows might become sluggish over time. Many of my buddies additionally echoed this difficulty.

I had not considered Macs throughout that length, often because of charge but also due to obscurity. I did not realize each person who had or used a Mac outside art specialists. In my Canadian essential school, we had some Macs. However, no one used them. Like others, I extensively utilized my PC for games, an application the Mac never used, even today. So, I just handled the issues.


When I completed my diploma and returned home, the idea of a Mac appealed to me, and I offered a white Macbook. I accompanied this buy-up with two iMacs, a unibody Macbook Pro, and a Macbook Air. I even got the Apple router, the Airport Extreme. Why did I try this? I failed to want to address the troubles anymore. Even though I appreciated gaming and the openness of the PC platform, I just wanted to have a reliable laptop that I may want to treat as an appliance. I regarded past the 9 24″ iMacs I returned because of screen troubles because the promise of reliability turned into just two first-rate.

Surely sufficient, they behaved like home equipment for the maximum component—no problems for an excellent period. No viruses, no crashes. Sure, I needed ways to find software to do what I wanted, such as downloading from newsgroups or converting video to specific formats. Still, I figured that turned into part of the rate for reliable computing. I could even look beyond the annoying things, like how sluggish the 2. Eight GHz dual-core iMac turned into converting video compared to a PC of the identical rate.

But then I commenced observing something. Macs weren’t proof against viruses, the manner the classified ads would have you trust. My Macs did trap a small, innocent Yahoo virus that might ship out messages even if we have been offline. I disregarded this. What occurred subsequently definitely opened my eyes. I was renting out my basement then and had put my iLife CD and different Mac bins and materials in storage, so I determined to download it from a torrent website quickly.

It had a virulent disease in it. This virus slowed the computer to move slowly, and I did not actually be aware until I attempted to restart in Boot Camp (the Windows partition). To my surprise, it turned into corrupted, and essentially long gone, in conjunction with any work that I had on that partition. I then attempted to restart in Mac OS X, and that too was corrupted. I had even more stuff at the Mac partition and misplaced it all (in conjunction with valuable pics).

You say, boo-hoo, you downloaded something from a torrent web page; you need to know higher. Should I? Is that what Apple advertising is leading you to accept as true? I wasn’t aware of the Mac virus and failed to think I had to be, based totally on how no longer the handsiest Apple portrays themselves, however many Mac customers. That may be from a torrent web page. However, tomorrow, something you download from some other website, a unfastened application perhaps, may additionally have a deadly disease. They will spread faster now that Apple computers are picking up popularity. Millions of millions of humans buy Macs, questioning that they are higher computer systems, inherently proof against viruses.

And it gets worse. The antivirus software for the Mac is just horrible. It’s a totally early degree of improvement and infrequently receives up to date. It does not catch viruses nicely at all. It is vain and wouldn’t have worked in my situation. So you haven’t any safety. I also think that if the Mac, that’s overpriced, to begin with, and marketed as being virus-evidence, desires antivirus, what’s the promoting factor? PCs want antivirus, but as a minimum, the antivirus packages work and trap viruses, and you do not must surrender fee, expandability, performance, or software program compatibility for no reason!

Now, take a look at this. I needed to get my records back from the corrupted Mac OS X partition, so once I was reinstalling Mac, I created a photograph of the partition. The installer verified the picture and said it turned into nice. It returned certain technical errors, which I appeared into, and observed that other negative users had the equal experience! Later on, I was no longer able to use it. Nothing can be performed about it, and as it seems, even Apple’s technical personnel had hassle interpreting the problems with the DMG (there are huge threads about this at Apple’s boards).

So, in the end, I gave up the expandability, gaming, performance, and most of all, software program compatibility for something that definitely messed with me worse than a PC might. The PC might have stuck the virus and gotten rid of it, and I would nevertheless have the whole lot intact. I ended up selling the iMacs, and for the charge that I sold my 24″ iMac, I bought an Intel Core i7-powered system with 12 GB of RAM, walking Windows 7 beta for a while now, and not using hiccups in any respect.

I once heard anyone describe the virus trouble for PCs and Macs as the following. Using a PC is like being within the US Army’s pleasant tank, completely armored and closely armed on a crazy battlefield. Using a Mac is like being in an at-blouse and shorts within the center of a corn subject in Iowa. I suppose that analogy is adept; with a Mac, the chances of being attacked decrease (for now. If you’re ever confronted with a virulent disease (and you’ll be at some point), you may make sure you’re going down large time.

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