The Case for Video Email Marketing

Video e-mail is a greater efficient method of attaining potential customers, of selling your products, offerings or activities. The use of streaming video advertisements via emails brings masses of blessings over text/image based emails. A streaming video is a high-quality solution with terrific effect at the viewer. It combines the benefits of “classic” TV commercials with the Internet’s maximum important function, interactivity.



Simply place, a video is more attractive to the viewer, who in turn becomes more aware of what you need to provide. Video email advertising and marketing is now extra cost powerful than ordinary HTML emails, TV commercials or web advertising, because, on the one hand, it’s now much less expensive to produce and distribute, and alternatively, it makes customer targeting lots easier too.

Video Email definition

If we had been to outline video email advertising and marketing, it’d be as a rich media advertising and marketing tool utilized by progressive corporations with a view to sell products and services, with the aid of utilizing brief, catchy, informative ads, with the motive of raising consciousness to the viewer about the promoted products/services and drawing them into purchasing the above-mentioned merchandise/offerings.

Characteristics of Video Email Marketing

It is commonplace knowledge that these days people consume films in ever increasing numbers, with online (PC,iPhone,iPad, and Smartphones) outstripping the TV. Information is brought on-call for and at a better charge via video than through pics.

The major gain that videos in email advertising have over the conventional, text/image format technique is that motion pictures can get to the factor lots quicker and eat much less time of the viewer. Instead of having to examine a page of textual content, trying to “hit” the message which you’re truly seeking to supply, you may deliver the equal message in a smaller time-frame in a greater rich and worthwhile way.

Advantages of Email Video Marketing

If you decide to apply video emails to your marketing campaigns then you can capture the visitor’s interest less complicated and deliver your message to prospects a whole lot quicker than easy textual content/pictures.

A video ad can comprise facts, gives, invites, membership reminders or a product release. Add a customised message, a voiceover or tune and you will have your viewers interest like never before. By the use of movies, the potential patron can relate more to your organization and to what you’re promoting.

Email Marketing

The Google trollers or the Google algorithms, they have a look at how frequently you post content material on your channel. For the channels that publish content material greater regularly, they supply more credibility to, they supply greater authority to and extra relevance to. If you put up stuff faster or more regularly, your effects will come up quicker and greater regularly in the Google search engine outcomes and the YouTube search engine outcomes as nicely. Think about that. This is surely easy. All you have got to do is create extra films.


If you comply with the stairs I mentioned before for growing quality and brief ones, just like a minute long, how tough is that? It’s not tough to create a short one minute video. What we are doing now for FreeMagicLive, we’ve got had two movies in keeping with the week, and you saw the traffic that we commenced getting. Now we’re going to bump it up to 3 films in line with the week.

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Think about it. Two films according to week, that is about one hundred motion pictures in 12 months. So you may have one hundred films out there, they all generating traffic returned to your website. If you can bump that up to a few, it truly is like 150 movies a yr. Bump it up to 4 films in keeping with the week, that’s like 200 videos a yr.

If you preserve on doing this, if you begin now, in two years time with the aid of 2012 whilst the mainstream humans are all on YouTube, guess how many motion pictures you may have? You’ll have like 4 instances 50. That’s 200 motion pictures, proper? So you’ll have that already there whilst the mainstream enters. You just keep. Just hold on doing it.

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Now in case you’re new to online video, this may be a bit little bit of hassle for you, especially with creating fancy movies. This is now wherein I’m going to tell you how smooth it’s miles to create your own motion pictures genuinely brief. I want to talk approximately a couple of offerings that you may use. The first one is considered one of my all-time favorites for creating actual quick video online. It’s known as www. Screenr. Com. This website is just brilliant. Basically, it’s a free carrier. It permits you to create five-minute-long videos of recording your display while you communicate with your microphone. So you can do little educational films with your display screen, similar to I’m doing now, but similar to 5-minute lengthy films. What Screenr does for you is it basically uploads it to their server and creates the video for you, similar to on YouTube.


Video marketing is the destiny of online merchandising. Gone are the times when the usage of simple textual content to your net primarily based enterprise become good enough. Today successful net marketers use video and to comfort your share of the online market you must dominate video advertising simply because the authorities did with textual content based totally marketing.

The idea of dominating video is some distance from maximum marketer’s minds. Simply the concept of making and using video appears ways too hard to contemplate.

The majority of internet marketers do no longer need to appear on the video. They are afraid of having in front of the camera and do not understand what to say. They recognize not anything about how to produce the video.

Concerns are effortlessly conquer


These are all concerns that may be triumph over without problems. For a begin, it isn’t important to be visible for your video manufacturing. In truth latest tests completed by means of one of the top video entrepreneurs, Alex Goad, has proven that the excellent patron reaction does not come from live motion pictures of a person. They truly come from movies that genuinely have text on display with a voice that speaks to the display text. That is something that any internet marketer can do.

If you don’t know what to mention in your video then just think about what you will say to a patron who desires information about whatever you are selling. That could be all you need to get your first video content written and ready for production.

So, on to production; simply how do you make a video? Again it isn’t always hard. Video advertising has been around for long enough to have given a strong base of marketers who are in search of extra records about video manufacturing. To give them what they need a small wide variety of software program manufacturers have begun to make educational packages.

Some of those had been brought by people who have seen a possibility and feature jumped on the bandwagon. They might deliver other marketers who need to start in video advertising a few primary thoughts however many passes no similarly than that.

Alongside the tutorials which might be very primary you can find a few that pass a touch further. They cover a number of the more advanced manufacturing techniques. They cowl live video and text-based productions. Some even pass as ways as to provide demonstrations of precise video manufacturing software.

One well-known marketer, Mark Dulisse, has usually stressed the significance of video in promoting his products. He has now joined with Alex Goad to supply the excellent video training currently to be had. They have known as it “Dominating Video”. It is going into incredible detail about the way to produce your video.

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