The Male Chastity Lifestyle and How to Make it Fun!

It is my opinion and commentary that many couples take the male chastity lifestyle far too significantly. Or, alternatively, they’re too solemn about it on Male Chastity Lifestyle comedian John Cleese once pointed out, the opposite of amusing is not extreme; it is solemn.


And while I assume being serious about how you treat it is perhaps an excellent factor (after all, having your penis and testicles locked up in, say, a stainless-steel chastity belt is a quite serious enterprise, as indeed is their health and protection and insisting on ordinary cleaning and inspection).

Chastity Lifestyle

But there may be no want to be all to-confronted and solemn about it, just as there may be no need to be po-faced a solemn about sex in well-known. After all, if you look at sex objectively it is quite funny, what with all the humorous noises and faces you pull, the positions you get into and the wet and slimy squelching.

Looked at like that, it is nothing brief of hilarious – and if we cannot see the humorous side, then we are not going to revel in that aspect of our lives very a great deal. When I changed into a younger woman, new to intercourse, the primary time I heard that surprising, rasping getaway of air from my nether regions, I wanted to die. I became SO embarrassed. I absolutely completed with my boyfriend of the time because I become so embarrassed.

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A common misapprehension about the male chastity lifestyle is it’s approximately simply two matters: intercourse and submission. And even as this may properly be the principal challenge for some humans, in my enjoy, each in my own life and with women and men I’ve spoken to about this, the truth is normally really unique. There’s no question most relationships after they settle right down to the nitty-gritty of real, mundane existence experience a marked reduction in the sexual hobby, both in phrases of frequency and length. What’s more, our sheer, naked lust tends to tail off so, except we make a concerted effort for it to be in any other case, we turn out to be generally much less adventurous, too. In some couples, sex simply will become, in the phrases of many a lady, “a chore”.

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Now, it might be a mistake to suppose that sincerely having greater sex is the answer. It may be, to make sure, however even this is harder than it sounds. Having warm, bed-breaking, bed-splitting intercourse when you’re “making” yourself do it hoping to boot-strap things is not any suggest feat. And that is wherein the male chastity way of life could make an actual difference, although no longer always only for the motives you would possibly assume. It’s true your guy is going to be hornier due to the fact he’s having fewer orgasms. Not most effective that, but because he’s having to please you in different ways, he is going to be even hornier than he’d be if he changed into simply deprived of his orgasms (you may not agree with how turned to your man is going to get whilst he’s captivating you with his tongue, and the understanding his personal orgasm is not at the cards is within the vanguard of his thoughts).

But the real advantage and the purpose you pay attention all of the tales about how loving, attentive and lustful your man will become is the feelings it sparks in each of you. You see, what you are doing, amongst other matters, is recapturing the early-days’ intimacy. That, in turn, ramps up all the one’s yummy emotions: love, appeal, warmth, fun, and all the rest of it.

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The 2nd part of the common misapprehension is submission. Not all men become submissive once they embrace the male chastity lifestyle. Some do, of the path, and some women like that. But in my revel in, once more, most men do not, that’s simply as properly because maximum girls do not like it. What we do like is a person who is thoughtful, confident, loving, being concerned and attentive however without being susceptible, pestering and like a huge, spoiled toddler. Most unattractive, proper, ladies?


Now, a female’s emotions tend to be more complex than a person’s. And whilst you first embody the male chastity way of life they may be very fragile and changeable because you are now not pretty certain what to anticipate. On the only hand, you’re perhaps nervous: notwithstanding studying this text, despite your accomplice’s assurances, you’re still not sure he’s now not a bit… Bizarre. Let’s be honest. It’s all new to you, for all you understand it means huge change, and you’re no longer a hundred% certain in which the male chastity lifestyle is going to grow to be taking you each.

Yet then there’s the sheer energy of your femininity!

Yes, that strength rush. The equal one you purchased while you first realized the Power of the Little Black Dress while you walked a certain manner past the guys who could not preserve their eyes off you… Properly, it is like that once more. When you’ve got your man worked up into any such kingdom he would not recognize his up from his down and he’s begging and pleading with you to be allowed to orgasm, and he’s now not going to get mad or sulky whilst you say “NO!”, as it’s something he’s begged you to do to him, you then feel that rush of energy.

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And you may feel a bit responsible, a chunk naughty, like you have accomplished something you should not like you’re taking part in something exquisitely “naughty” no “best woman” would ever dream of. You can’t prevent that feeling from sneaking up on you, however, you could determine what to do about it, a way to react. And the first-rate way to react?

If you are having orientation doubts – thinking what path to absorb your career- or activity-existence, it is time to use the way of life check. While many profession counseling services encourage human beings to check their passions or interests, not often do orientation sports take lifestyle issues under consideration.

For example, you may experience doing good judgment puzzles or arguing, leading a profession orientation to suggest lawyering as a career choice. But what if you have hassle working in a workplace? Don’t like authority? What in case you love long vacations or would love to live in a ramification of various countries? What if you don’t like long hours or have an ardor for information?


A brief conversation with maximum lawyers would quick display that this line of labor isn’t your dream task. Throw yourself down this avenue and years of difficult work may go away you disenchanted. Long hours, info, hierarchy and an office culture are endemic to lawyering. To keep away from running down high-priced useless-ends, here’s a short lifestyle check you could follow to Male Chastity Lifestyle of the moment will lead you to a satisfying career.