When HostGator Goes Chomp Chomp With Your Website

This isn’t a dissertation in opposition to HostGator. I love HostGator. I love my wife and kids as properly, but once in a while all of us do things that disappoint each different. And if we study from those disappointments, or as a minimum start to apprehend how to keep away from them, the following time we can understand what to expect, or at least be able to keep away from the next time.

This all started once I made a small tweak to the CSS of one in all my websites. I actually have round 15 websites for commerce and know just sufficient approximately CSS to be dangerous, and in all likelihood have to now not be messing with it, however, normally I escape with it, and get the problem constant with none disasters. And if disaster strikes, I usually have a backup.

Awhile lower back this came about to me, and after I could not restore the home page, I referred to as HostGator. The tech (yes, they’ve real humans that answer the phone)! Anyway, the tech told me the easiest manner to fix my mess, turned into simply to pay them $15 to restore from the backup that they perform, and I might be returned in a commercial enterprise. Well, that becomes the great information I had received in months, or as a minimum because moving my sites to HostGator. Before, after I would have problems, my cutting-edge host would NEVER allow me to genuinely name and communicate to a live individual. Their business version changed into strictly by way of email, and most of their techs were Russian despite the fact that they had been a U.S. Employer. I don’t have something in opposition to Russians, I certainly love Russia having visited there, however, their written English sometimes is a bit skewed, and that they don’t always recognize ours. Plus, those men acted like we have been definitely bothering them whenever we emailed with a problem, and that we have been actual morons. So we solved the problem, we moved to HostGator.

Back to the tale…Once I referred to as HostGator to get the trendy goof up constant and restored, the tech informed me that my inodes have been over the restriction, and when they were over the limit, HostGator give up backing up the websites, and if I might read my agreement, they made it very simple in English that this was the case. When I stated that they restored one of the websites per week earlier from a backup, he informed me that once the overage turned into stuck, and they cease doing backups, that the next time they did a backup they WIPED OUT all the websites, since they did no longer do backups for humans that had been over the inodes limit. When he informed me what the inodes restriction changed into, I checked in my CPanel, and I was nicely in the restriction. When I informed him of this, he checked with an assist (I thought he become assist) and help (2nd stage) told him that we have been over the tough force space quota and backups were not performed on this sized money owed.

However, seemingly they will wipe out all your facts for no fee.

So, then I determined to ensure that my backups were so as. When I contacted HostGator to verify this, their support department knowledgeable me that the backups were disposing of the public_html directory inside the backup. It seems to be because of the fact that your cpbackup-exclude.Conf record has public_html listed in it so while full cPanel backups are generated it is aside from your accounts public_html listing.

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After some communique with considered one of HostGator’s techs he changed into very adamant approximately the fact that they not simplest keep away from backing up massive money owed, however that if I failed to manage all the backup technique and so forth; myself, that I changed into in truth requesting a hassle that would set me returned years in enterprise because the websites were liable for my profits. And, if a tough power at the server that I became hosted on failed, I might be out of commercial enterprise if I have been counting on HostGator to host the backup report, so I better be hosting the backup record by myself network, with a replica on a far-flung server as nicely. We presently use an offsite hosting service for our software code and backups, so this became a no-brainer and easy difficulty to solve. And saving a copy of the CPanel backup to my very own hard pressure changed into fairly smooth once I set up a Cron Job that would do that automatically every week. (absolutely I do this two times per week)

Today you can save a Terabyte for less than $a hundred a month, so there are not any excuses. One time our places of work (in a workplace constructing) had been broken into, and EVERY pc stolen. We bought new computer systems and our offsite backups have been restored, and we had been returned to the commercial enterprise via early afternoon.

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You don’t want to discover that your catastrophe recuperation did no longer work after the truth, so test and confirm your backup method. Most competitive ISP’s must be able to do that for you. And with human beings like HostGator, there may be no charge if it’s far your backup. Make a minor alternate in one in every one of your websites, do a backup, then go return to the website online after repair and ensure it befell. Even though you’re backing up each week or so, every other month, I would check this system to make sure it works nicely.

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