WordPress for High Load Websites?

Today, we can communicate approximately high-load websites, particularly start-up planning, with WordPress CMS (Content Management System). Questions that I plan to cover in this article are the following:

WordPress is the most famous unfastened content management gadget on the Internet. As builtwith.Com states, there are four,488,777 websites that use WordPress. Three hundred seventeen thousand two hundred fifty-three websites are the most visited sites on the Internet. Looking at the statistics carefully, you may find that commercial enterprise and leisure websites have the biggest percentage. This is because there are lots of successful websites jogging on WordPress, and a big part of them have high traffic and load. A tremendous example for me is CNN Political Ticker. But there are more. So, the answer to the first question is quite clean. Yes, WordPress can be used for building high-load websites! What are the execs and cons of selecting WordPress?


Advantages and bottlenecks of this decision

Pros. It’s free! It’s clean and customizable, and armies of freelance WordPress programmers will help you customize or add a -new function to your website. It has an extensive network that plays trojan horse monitoring and periodically updates the middle of WordPress, which is again unfastened. You may replace your internet site center free of charge.

There are masses of free and non-loose plug-ins written for WordPress. The most crucial plug-in for non-English websites I anticipate is multilingual. I’ve individually faced this hassle generally with different CMS structures. Currently, not one of the free CMS systems has accurate and stable multilingual aid besides WordPress. Plug-in is referred to as WPML. In my view, I offered this plug-in to 2 of my customers who asked for a multilingual internet site.

To say the fact, this was the handiest determining component for me to select WordPress for those websites because I desired something light and strong. So that I can set up this type of website in a couple of days. For a small, nondemanding internet site, that is, in reality, important.

Cons: WordPress is an open source CMS, meaning everyone can view the PHP codes of the system. Human beings locate bugs inside the gadget from time to time and submit those bugs in public boards and bug tracks. And if, for a few purposes, your website turns vulnerable to assaults. Later, the WordPress team fixes the malicious program and releases an update to restore it.

So, you or your webmaster always follow malicious program-music and make updates on time to hold your internet site up-thus far and relaxed. As I stated, updates are free. But! Not all updates can be set up without the extra headache and ache. Some updates want to be planned thoroughly and tested in trying out surroundings. Some plug-ins can break because of the replacement of the WordPress core. Some updates couldn’t be carried out automatically, and a clever man needed to hack the code and make a manual update and massive fix.

What are the capability troubles that I will, in all likelihood, face while my visitors hit the ceiling? First, the Default WordPress setup is not optimized for high load. There are several motives for this. By default, nobody knows what plug-ins you will have on your website. In this manner, you have to manually perform optimization responsibilities like combining CSS and JavaScript documents and serving zipped content material with caching of static items. All the alternative cons I will list underneath the second phase: ability troubles.

Second: Nobody knows how many blocks of content material you want to apply to your internet site. In which manner may you enjoy three and occasionally four special sizes of identical photographs to show in exclusive blocks? In this manner, you must either have the equal picture scaled and distorted for special blocks or upload a comparable photo with 3 or 4 exceptional sizes. Or… You will hack WordPress’s center and make this scaling system pragmatically. So, in either case, you have to do several assignments to obtain this.

Third: Nobody guarantees that your WordPress will serve pages while your traffic hits two hundred or 300 visits consistent with the second, even when you have offered a dedicated server. WordPress core needs a severe optimization duty if you want to continue to exist under excessive load.


I don’t want to scare you. You can go for WordPress, but recall to lease an excellent representative to apprehend your destiny needs and might outline the motion plan or a change list that needs to be carried out on your website to make sure that, as a minimum in nearest destiny, you will not have overall performance problems.

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