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So you have determined to get into the arena of running a blog and want WordPress installation to assist? Great, permit me to give you a hand within the little by the little method of getting your blog up and going!

Welcome back to Day 2! Congrats on taking the primary steps the previous day to becoming an internet entrepreneur! Now its time to create your blog and installation some important plugins with the intention to assist in your blogs S.E.O. As well as different handy features.

Since you’ve got signed up with Hostgator for hosting offerings I’m going to describe to you the method for getting your single click on set up for WordPress. Start by way of logging into your email, the only that you signed up with Hostgator below.


Under the email look for the following:

“Until your DNS has modified over to our nameservers, you can get entry to your cPanel at:”

Under that, you will have an IP address with the finishing having /Cpanel. Go beforehand and click on that now and log in the usage of the log in which you created, in case you forgot it is also in this e-mail. Once logged in you will be offered a screen that looks like this.

Great, now as in the photograph click at the Fantastico De Luxe. This is wherein you may do single click installs on hundreds of various net primarily based software. It’s a great utility and that is one cause why Hostgator sets themselves other than the rest!

After you have clicked on that you’ll now be offered with this display

Click on the WordPress login and just observe the commands, this could now install WordPress for your Domain and you will be prepared to plug away in much less than 30 seconds. Now you have your first WordPress weblog installed on your personal domain!

After the whole thing is set up you’ll want to visit the subsequent URL. Point your browser to [http://yourdomain.Com/wp-admin]. This will permit you to login to your new blog with the password and login you created in the Cpanel unmarried click install. This lets you have to get right of entry to the whole lot that WordPress has to provide.

Now it is time to install a few vital WordPress plugins and subject matters if you pick out to exchange the subject matter of the weblog. Again it’s far up to you if you want to exchange the subject matter, however, I incredibly advocate putting in the following plug-ins in your WordPress blog. These will help you inside the method of gaining excessive natural search effects and having the vital gear to be an internet entrepreneur.

Here are the plug-ins that you may want to download. Please RIGHT CLICK and visit Save As!

All In One S.E.O. Google Sitemaps

Now you have got the necessary tools to have your WordPress optimized for Google’s serps and other major engines like google as well as having a Google sitemap! You will now need to install these plug-ins on your WordPress. This may seem complicated or technical however it really is not! As long as you observe exactly what I say you may be flawlessly high-quality.
Head over to the SmartFTP internet site and choose your Operating System for the install. Smart FTP Website. After installing the Smart FTP application you’ll need to visit the main display screen. Under the main display screen, you’ll see the following fields.

Enter your area inside the YOUR-DOMAIN.COM subject, along with your username and password to the proper of that. Go in advance and click the inexperienced arrow as soon as the one’s fields are crammed in. The application will log in to your website and you now have to get right of entry to all your folders on your website. DO NOT PLAY AROUND, that is your complete web-webpage and also you don’t need to move and click on around in case you aren’t familiar with everything. You can spoil your website and everything you’ve got carried out up till this factor.

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From right here you are going to need to click on Public_HTML folder this is displayed on the left facet display screen. Then click on YOUR DOMAIN folder that is listed underneath the Public_HTML folder. Great, you are nearly finished. Now click on the WP-CONTENT folder. This will open the WP-Content folder and you’ll have to get right of entry to the plugins folder. This is displayed immediately under the WP-CONTENT folder that you simply clicked on. Go ahead and click on to the plugins folder. This is where you are going to copy those 2 documents I informed you to download above. Go ahead and open the folder that you saved the ones to and drag and drop them into the PLUGINS folder. Make certain that you have the plugins folder highlighted whilst you drag and drop them into this folder!

Now you are almost finished, simply cross ahead and close out of the Smart FTP software when you see that the files have transferred and the Smart FTP software has finished its tasks. It shouldn’t take very long to upload those documents, maybe 2-3 mins at maximum.

Head back into both Internet Explorer or Firefox, or anything you use and go to you YOURDOMAIN.COM/wp-admin and login for your WordPress weblog.

From here you may want to click on the Plug-Ins tab at some distance proper of your WordPress admin display screen. Now you’ll see the two plug-ins which you simply uploaded to your WordPress weblog. Go in advance and locate them listed under and click the ‘Activate’ button to the proper of them. This will now set off and set up those plug-ins!


Now comes the element where you simply ought to suppose a bit. Once you’ve got activated both of those plug-ins head over to the ‘Settings’ tab which is proper subsequent to the Plug-ins one which you just selected.

Now search for the All-In-One SEO and the XML Sitemaps buttons that have been simply introduced on your weblog. Let’s begin with the All-In-One search engine optimization. Select that alternative now.

From right here you will need to go into the subsequent fields to make certain that your weblog is optimized correctly for the key phrases that you are trying to target.

If you’re little misplaced on which key phrases you are trying to target allow’s pass again to the bass fishing theme that we utilized in the day gone by’s guide. Open up the Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool this can convey us back to the tool that we will get some thoughts for keywords to use for our name and our description and key phrases.

So by using typing in Bass Fishing into the keyword tool, we’re provided with keywords which can be much like the bass fishing subject matter and which are searched often. You want key phrases which are virtually searched, you are not searching out key phrases that are by no means searched due to the fact it’s most likely you may not get a lot site visitors from them.

For the bass fishing subject matter we can try to goal the subsequent key phrases; bass fishing techniques, bass fishing homepage, bass fishing reports, bass fishing suggestions.

In your name beneath the All in One search engine optimization plugin, pick out a name that is your MAIN keyword. In this case permit’s use the title Bass Fishing Techniques – The Complete Bass Fishing Homepage.

This will honestly assist for the keywords Bass Fishing Techniques and Bass Fishing Homepage. Now use the Wordtracker device to locate keywords in your description and the ‘home keywords’ fields. Your description shouldn’t be ONLY keywords and have to sound like a human can read/wrote it. So try to create a fascinating message to have human beings click on for your homepage from Google and that has a few keywords in it.

The ‘Home Keywords’ that you use may be observed from the Wordtracker device. Just fill them in with a comma among every keyword!

Ok! Almost finished, leave all the other fields by myself unless you recognize what you are doing. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and select the Update Options button. Don’t do the ONE CLICK upgrade button on the pinnacle of the display, that handiest updates the plug-in with the brand new version. It doesn’t replace your S.E.O.

Almost done, I realize it has been a long day but you are nearly completed. We simply need to create the Google Sitemap and you’re completed with Day 2! Great activity today through the manner, I’m very happy with you.


Go back over to the Settings button on the proper side of your WordPress admin login. Select the XML-Sitemap button. This is the very best plug-in to configure. Just click the ‘BUILD sitemap button’ or whatever the variant is. That’s it! Once it tells you that the sitemap changed up to date you’re completed! You have built the sitemap for Google and notified Google which you are human and exist.

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