Your Health as Related to Your Complex Environment

The first segment of this newsletter deals with the vulnerability, through the lack of knowledge, of the man or woman in coping with his or her health. The 2D segment discusses a number of the unique ways available, through technology, to deal with the surroundings because it relates to human fitness. If you’ll, please check with handout “B” (the Health Chart). The B handout can also be viewed by clicking on a link on the give-up of this text. The handout is likewise a critical part of this discussion.

Let’s say the sloping line in handout B represents our health trend. From the normal-plus degree right down to the potential disease stage vicinity. Although this chart is oversimplified, it delivers a better picture of what we’re all presently dealing with on a day-to-day basis in our lives, and additionally, in well-known, what we try to accomplish here. It’s very sad, however real, that we have no concept where we’re at on this kind of line of well-being until within the wholesome areas or down in the disease place, nor can we have the potential to work out any organized degree of control over our position on this type of line.

The disease region is where our present healthcare machine commonly operates. The prevailing healthcare device is frequently known as a sickness-oriented scientific system. We pay attention to this place because this is where maximum research and different medical activities occur, not upon this pre-ailment degree location or inside the everyday-plus area. (Although I am using the most effective one line here (in handout A) for discussion and simplification of functions, using some of the lines, probably representing fundamental frame systems, may also offer a more realistic illustration).


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We are advised that essential sicknesses, including most cancers, coronary heart issues, etc., typically take years to materialize, but how regularly is a person given a complete bodily exam and an easy fitness bill most effective to come down with the symptoms of any such sicknesses within weeks? The character turned into not likely incorrect fitness at the time of the examination; they turned into in truth down on this sickness place, or pre-disorder level place, not up here, and for sure now not up right here in every day plus area. Loads of fitness level situations from the disorder level up through the normal plus degree might be completely mounted through this system. Currently, you’re diagnosed with a few groups of diseases, or with the absence of that diagnosis, considered normal and sent home. What about loads of subtle situations in between–as an example, which includes your machine being slightly out of balance with minor corrections required?

Unfortunately, at the moment, the manner we normally turn out to be aware that we are not every day is when we develop the physical signs and symptoms of an ailment or from the consequences of a lab test. Instead of being up in the everyday area, we are down in the ailment location or near it. We frequently cross from what we keep in mind to be a condition of proper fitness to all of a sudden finding out we’ve got a disorder, occasionally a completely severe one, regularly inflicting a first-rate change in our life, too often without caution or opportunity for any shape of intervention to save it for you We then can only wish that the disorder is curable or, at the least, treatable.

For all practical purposes, we’re left completely within the darkness of conflict within which we are virtually at on our personnel. Most of the time, we don’t know how near we are to the ability sickness tiers. Operating below these conditions maximum,m folks do the first-rate we can, hoping to help ourselves with our stage of health, whether or not it’s through what we eat, an exercise application, what we attempt to keep away from, etc. This is a very susceptible and prone function to always be in, but it is currently a truth of existence. Unfortunately, it’s approximately all we will do. That is very sad certainly, with the technology available to provide us a way a ways extra.

The proposed gauge might no longer offer you a long way greater knowledge about your true stage of fitness, but in addition, and just as critical, generally how you could have a way greater management over that level of well-being. The comparison between the present-day health care state of affairs and what the gadget being proposed here should offer in phrases of preventive and wellbeing expertise might be in contrast to a person simply feeling around inside the dar and then having a person come along and activate the lighting fixtures.

This article discusses a core element of the proposed national research middle and how supercomputers can relate important information to disease and prevention and health. It additionally discusses a gadget that has the manner of now closely monitoring your fitness in the high-quality element, but a long way greater manages it as well.

Just under that on the left are meats, poultry, dairy products, and eggs. Here, we’ve extra potential contaminants we need to be involved in antibiotics and hormones- which can be used very notably by the farmers providing those merchandise. (There are details inside the ebook about the excessive use of chemicals with the aid of farmers).

We also have water. Well, water is typically inspected by way of the county for bacteria most effective, no longer chemical compounds. Then, finally, however, for certain now not least, we have medicines that may be some of our most risky exposures. A far more dependable method of trying out the standard pharmaceutical drug must exist. In addition, there’s an exceptional want for greater efficiency, friendlier, and much less luxurious medicines. Extensive checking out of natural factors is part of this device, for you to be mentioned later.

Sadly, we do not even truly realize which chemical substances we eat or breathe in, let alone the quantity. Also, what are the synergistic consequences of these chemical combos? At this time, none of this is recognized! Because this includes treasured human fitness, or even life itself, this haphazard method of controlling food and water delivery contamination, in this day and age era, is very unhappy certainly, and in my view, simply needless!

Capturing the environmental records for every man or woman at the beginning seems almost impossible; however, if we look at it in addition and with the assistance of several contemporary technologies, it is not as tough as it first appears. For example, one use of generation that would be very powerful and effortlessly carried out is to transform the checkout counter at supermarkets to transfer your grocery store orders to a special home PC by simply having the credit card reader converted over to read a plastic card you may convey. Like a credit score card, you should pass the cardboard through the cardboard reader.

The reader could understand it for the kind of card its miles, read the smartphone number on i,t, and switch the full order information to a special domestic laptop. This information will be easily downloaded later for use in a fitness file. Eight offers a complete list of what you acquire and avoids detailed work on your part, and it also provides the essential logo names. This might be very valuable in phrases of studies in tracking first-rate food. When huge fitness issues arise with a specific product, the analyses, and diagnostic computers might be capable of honestly becoming aware of the brand.

This machine would be very realistic because the supermarkets already have all that shop product data on their save PC structures, and this sort of device would require the conversion of the credit score card readers. Also, an environmental team of workers might be obligatory in each clinical office operation to help enter all ecological information for the affected person or person.

This expert’s wages might probably be reimbursed with the aid of the government, as a minimum, first of all, from the huge financial savings in health care costs supplied through the new device–savings in the hundreds of billions of dollars (there may be a small chapter on the economics worried). It needs to be stated that the environmental information entered might be used for research purposes best for the primary two or three years; however, it could likely be used for diagnostic functions later (there are details inside the ebook on how and why this is so). We discussed the limited options to be had to maintain human health in the barriers of the present fitness care device. We additionally discussed both the constraints of knowledge and the capability to move one’s private environmental and its effect on human health.

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