Importance of Working Capital for the Growth of a Business

Working capital is considered to be the lifeblood of any business. Businesses require funds to take care of any present and short-term needs. This capital refers to the liquid funds for tackling expenses of daily operations. One of the most crucial business metrics is the working capital, which indicates an organization’s financial health. It is also imperative to understand the performance of a business.

Working Capital

For those who are wondering how working capital is essential for business growth, go through the following points to learn more:

1. Working capital helps in the decision-making process

A business needs to ensure that it is spending the right amount for the short term to avoid waste of funds. This is only possible when the company accurately estimates the working capital. By effectively managing a business’s working money, it is possible to take care of all the short-term debt obligations without complications.

2. It helps in building credibility

An employee needs to believe in the organization they are working for to walk that extra mile. For this, a business needs to take good care of its staff, especially when it makes timely payments. Now, employees’ salaries are paid through working capital. This is why ensuring a good flow of operating money is essential, as this would help build the business’s credibility.

3. It improves the business’s creditworthiness

Working capital is not just used to pay a business’s staff. It is also used to clear payments pending for vendors or debt with lenders. Not removing these payments on a timely basis can negatively affect the business’s creditworthiness. Maintaining steady working capital can help keep the company financially stable. This will also make it easier to get loans like working capital loans for new business opportunities in the future if required.

4. It ensures sufficient cover for revenue fluctuations and unexpected expenses

It is natural for a business to face ups and downs. Some companies are in seasonal industries, which means that there are periods when they might generate less revenue. Having adequate work capital cover can ensure that the business is financially stable to manage these revenue fluctuations. There are also instances where a company can face unexpected expenses. Enough working capital provides no shortage of funds to take care of these expenses.

Any business needs to effectively manage its working capital to ensure the availability of liquidity. This is required to take care of all short-term expenses. Managing working money involves cash, inventory, accounts receivables, and payables. Efficient functional capital management is essential to ensure a smooth operating cycle. This would help maximize returns on current investments and minimize the cost of capital.

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