Putin Talks About The Protests From France

The influential Russian blogger El Murid criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for withholding touch upon the protests in Russia and at the nuclear coincidence in Severodvinsk while in Russia and responding to these activities only at some point an authentic go to France. “Putin did now not find words for the Russian [the audience] – yes, in fact, what does he have to say?” El Murid harshly opined in a piece of writing in his blog titled “Alien Audience.”

According to El Murid, Putin forfeited all credibility after the controversial pension reform. “[Putin] ceased to be perceived one by one from the class of thieves and has become an indispensable part of it… There is no Father of the Nation, but there are bandits and their leader,” the Russian blogger stated. The System Is No Longer Able To Fulfill Its Main Purpose – The Organization Of Normal Life For People

“Putin commented on the protests in Russia and the nuclear twist of fate in Severodvinsk. However, he made his remarks no longer in Russia but in France during a meeting with Macron. Putin no longer locates phrases for the Russian [the audience] – yes, in reality, what does he have to say? There’s Peskov, calling for ‘smearing [the protesters’] liver on the asphalt for the Russian audience.’ Thus, the target market to which his comments were addressed became Western.


“Previously, Putin used to have specific positions, which he pampered and nourished inside the framework of the mounted delusion [distinguishing between] the bad officers and a smart president, who lacks time to preserve tune on the whole thing, [and this is] why a few outrages take vicinity. However, now this narrative is nearly forfeited- after the pension reform and [after] Putin’s ‘Please be knowledge,’ he ceased to be perceived one at a time from thieves’ elegance and has become a fundamental part of it. In reality, it has always been so, but the collective subconscious stubbornly clung to the myths created by corrupt propaganda. After the pension reform, the myths certainly collapsed. There is no Father of the Nation. However, there are bandits and their ringleaders. The authorities ultimately acknowledged that they were anti-popular and stopped hiding it.

“Therefore, Putin has no words for humans, and besides, what else can he say? That protests are the intrigues of hostile overseas forces? Of course, suppose we keep in mind that many Russian officers have dual citizenship and that their households were evacuated via them to the West, to the villas and the castles they offered there. In that case, it’s certain that we’re dominated by foreigners, for whom Russia is an alien land. They are the ones who brought the United States of America to the present catastrophe, and they hang to electricity so one can guarantee immunity for what they’ve stolen from the people.

In this sense, foreign participation in growing the situation for protests is pretty obvious. But who exactly is chargeable for this situation is greater critical trouble. And actually, it isn’t always the conventional and mythical State Department. Namely, it’s far Putin and the complete vertical [power structure that] he created. It’s getting more difficult to deny the plain. You can ask a population, frozen through the hatred gushing from the TV, as much as you like, do you need the manner it is in Ukraine (France, and so on)? And the answer to this demagogic query that’s heard increasingly truly is: we do not want the manner it is in Russia.

“We live within the right here and now. Let the problems of Ukraine, France, Venezuela, and Syria be solved via their population. As nice as they can. And we need to solve our troubles, which, way to Putin’s thefts, out of the blue, have become an intolerable burden. And the truth that the vertical [power structure] is manifestly incapable of fixing them, but on the opposite – it without end creates ever-increasing [problems], bringing human beings to the streets, forcing them to create a camp in Shiyes [in Arkhangelsk Oblast],[2] to block the roads in the Moscow area, [means] that via now there may be no trouble, at a local or on a larger scale, that is soluble without a protest or a crisis. In different terms, the system can no longer fulfill its foremost reason – the employer of a normal life for humans. That’s why we hear a counter-question – ‘Why do you need us?’ And for this, Putin has no solution. That’s why he addresses an overseas target market – he has nothing to mention to his personality.”

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