The Latest News in Aviation Regulations

Aviation regulations and guidelines are ever-changing. To assist you in living criminally, in compliance, and recognition, here are some state-of-the-art FAA regulation headlines inside the news that pilots and fixed base operators should recognize. FAA releases a new record on general aviation safety. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has launched a complete Fact Sheet on General Aviation Safety. The report explains how the FAA partners with the aviation enterprise on various protection problems, including chance discounts, plane layout, new generation, training, and outreach.

Register online at FAASafety.Gov for protection seminars. The FAA has introduced that, as of June 1, they’ll now not ship postcards concerning safety seminars. The handiest manner for wellknown aviation pilots, flight teachers, and mechanics to learn about and check in for FAA protection seminars is online at FAASafety.Gov. If you haven’t performed so already, go to FAASafety.Gov and create an account to use your airman certificates wide variety. This will come with getting entry to online publications, protection articles, the WINGS Program, and the Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Awards Program, and you may receive emails of seminars on your region. If you have already got an account on FAASafety.Gov that is not yet associated with your airman certificate range, log in and update your Airman Registry data on your preferences page.


FAA takes some other studies on cargo pilot safety regulation necessities. On May 24, the FAA requested that a federal court postpone a pilot union lawsuit so that the FAA may want to re-observe whether or not cargo pilots ought to be blanketed via the brand new Part 121 flight, obligation, and relaxation rules. The FAA’s anti-fatigue ruling last 12 months carried out to commercial airline pilots and excluded cargo operations. Cargo airlines and pilots had been requested to voluntarily stick to new relaxation guidelines.

FAA releases files on benefits of trendy aviation airports. Also, in May, the FAA released an examination entitled “General Aviation Airports: A National Asset.” The file results from 18 months of studies with national aeronautical groups, aviation associations, aviation consumer organizations, airport directors, airport authorities, airport planners, academia, federal companies, and local authorities councils. The FAA hopes the information will teach the general public about the significance of GAs to groups, the economic system, and the aviation industry and assist the FAA, national aeronautical organizations, and airport sponsors in selecting plans.

FAA releases assertions regarding DAHs and ICA documents. On March 29, the FAA launched a coverage declaration that it’s miles beside the point for design approval holders (DAH) to restrict the use and availability of Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) among the product proprietor and the protection provider if the FAA has decided the ICA are applicable for retaining a DAH’s product with FAA-permitted substitute components, articles, or materials installed.

FAA proposes that co-pilots should fly 1,500 hours for scheduled carriers. Also, in March, the FAA proposed policies that could increase the minimum number of flight hours for all industrial air service pilots – including co-pilots – to 1,500. Captains have to meet that threshold already, but co-pilots currently need the most effective 250 hours to fly for an airline. Co-pilots might also want a “kind score” particular to the airliner they plan to fly, much like some other requirement for captains. The thought was the primary increase in co-pilot threshold requirements in 1973 when the FAA raised the minimum wide variety of hours from 2 hundred to 250. The new raise follows an aviation safety law enacted after a local airliner crash near Buffalo, N.Y. Killed fifty humans.

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