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If that could be stated to me employing my father once I became two years of age, I could have understood. But nowadays, my PC tells me that once I am 34, I am surprised that I spent $1500 on my PC hardware and software to experience the (un-found out) benefits of this splendid and innovative statistics era.

Today’s online world is unsafe. None of these days’ PC customers can declare that they by no means had a computer virus problem or a PC safety breach. Now, if you count today’s variety of PC customers globally, they’ll quickly be 1 billion via 2010 in step with analysts. When I see all the computer viruses, infections, trojans, and what is now not around me and examine it with the 1 billion innocent PC users worldwide, I experience sorry, not most effective for those billion users but for myself too. But once more, as a not-unusual consumer, I should admit it was not all doomsday for the complete industry considering 1987 once I began to apply computer systems. So, as a responsible member of this exceptional IT revolution, I should proportion a number of the first-class recommendations and tricks that I learned to apply to make minimal room for productivity on my PC.

Would you please observe this is a tutorial for someone who has primary knowledge of laptop usage? For rookies, I might advise asking for a nearby professional’s assistance before trying whatever is stated in this educational. In that case, make room for the price from a deep pocket. For your comfort, print this tutorial for step-by-step instructions. Booting Up: Try booting your computer generally first and spot if you may log in without difficulty. If you can’t, or your laptop hangs up, attempt holding the F8 key when beginning Windows, and you will get the Safe Mode. Even if you don’t get the Safe Mode, don’t worry.

Computer Security

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Power up your computer and press the DEL key or F2 key to log in to your CMOS. In CMOS, visit Boot Preferences, make CD Drive a boot drive as your first boot pressure, and trade the tough disk power as the second boot force. If you don’t see your CD Drive inside the boot-up alternatives, your CD Drive is not well installed. Check the connectors or ask your CD Drive company for instructions to put in the CD Drive. When your CD Drive is ready, insert your Windows OS CD within the CD Drive and restart your computer system. When prompted, choose “Boot from CD with CD Option.” When you get the spark off, Notice the CD Drive letter that changed into allotted for your CD Drive when it established the CD Driver. It is typically D: pressure or the last drive letter, depending on your partitions’ variety. Note it down as it’s miles the real power letter where you will have to kind of DOS command liked:

You must run software utilities, including Format, Scandisk, FDisk, or Windows Installation Setup.Exe documents. Now, verify they exist by typing a DOS command dir on the CD power letter. If you don’t locate it with this easy directory command, use dir/s filename to search the report. For instance, to search fdisk.Exe file, type dir/s fdisk.Exe.

BACKING UP YOUR DATA: Before formatting your tough disk drive, please make sure you’ve got the right lower backup of your essential information files such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc., files on a CD or some other media for backup, which you have to get entry to. In this academic, we anticipate you have installed a CD-Writer for taking backups on Writeable CDs. Their capacity is generally 700MB or much less. Here, you should seriously keep in mind the usage of Zipping software programs like WinZip or WinRAR.

If you can’t back up your facts using the above-referred procedure, ask an outdoor expert’s help personally or via the net. If all fails, overlook your records forever and carry on putting in a brand new OS, as mentioned in this educational.

Backing up Your Drivers: An exciting tool to mention here is software that automatically backs up all of your drivers of CD, modem, sound card, VGA, USB, printer, or pretty much something that is currently mounted in your system. But this software works only in an operational home Windows OS, not DOS. Maintaining a backup of your drivers on a CD by using any such software is a good and time-saving exercise. Its call is Driver Genius Pro, and it is business software, now not freeware.

See the URL [http://www.Compguystechweb.Com/troubleshooting/fdisk/fdisk_scr.Html] for targeted instructions, along with screenshots. Now that you have created the primary partition, you can hold to layout the newly created section. There is a very user-friendly but commercial software program called Partition Magic through PowerQuest to manage your partitions effortlessly after the set up of Windows.

FORMATTING HARD DISK: Now that you have created new walls, It is time to format them to install Windows. This is how you make your C: power usable through your Windows OS for installation. Boot up your computer with Windows CD and sort format c: command on the set-off. When brought about for max size, press YES. After complete processing, you will be presented with a successful document about formatting the C: power. Select your new drive call and press ENTER to finish.

INSTALLING WINDOWS: Microsoft has made it very clean for beginners to install a new OS on a newly formatted partition. It is all wizard-basey, and you clearly ought to click NEXT whenever asked a query, on every occasion,ny. Boot up your pc from the Windows CD and select the Start with CD Option. When on DOS, spark off, exchange to the CD Drive it created, generally d: if you have the best partition C. Now, use the command setup . Ex to begin the windows setup technique.

During installation, ensure you well name your PC as consistent with your options and pick your regions and Time region. When finished, the computer will reboot, and subsequent reboot could ask some drivers of your Sound Card, VGA, Network, or other devices connected. Provide the considered necessary motive force CDs and find the paths of the ideal drivers. If you aren’t positive, leave it like that, and press NEXT to disregard. When your home windows set up is entire, you can deploy Microsoft Office, set up an internet connection, and begin using it as normally as you’ll. As noted in the subsequent section, please ensure you install all the safety software, including anti-virus, anti-adware, adware, and different software programs.

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