Web Design Practices That People Need To Stop Doing

I spend quite a little time online during the day, and there are plenty of things I notice approximately how sure websites are designed and advanced. The truth is, a number of them, in reality, annoy me, and I wonder what they had thought after they decided to layout a website in this way. There are just a few matters that web designers and developers just undeniable want to stop doing because it makes the internet less enjoyable. Here are just a few:

All-Flash Websites: Okay, I consider that you want to show off your Actionscript competencies and how creative you’re, but if you develop an entire web page in Flash, you need to get locked up. First of all, opposite to famous belief, no longer all of us have Flash hooked up to our computers. If I want to study your website with my cellular device and all I get is the “you need to install Flash” message, forget about it. If I want records, I need them right away. I don’t want to sit through your 10 days to load senior year art venture to study an awful article. Yes, your website is adorable, and it is lovely to see the nifty mouse over the animation of the butterfly exploding right into a rainbow into a unicorn…Now can I discover what your drink specials are already?

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Complicated Navigation: This form goes together with the object above. Could you human beings label your navigation gadgets what they clearly are? Enough with the smart metaphors for every item within the navigation. And no, I don’t need to have to play via a 1/2 hour game of Space Invaders simply so I can find your touch shape. Just spell the whole thing out plain and simple so that people can get to where they need to get to in your page. This also applies to college websites which might be one of the worst offenders. Instead of the creative, smart, and artsy navigation schemes, they bury nested hyperlinks within nested links. It’s not possible to discover whatever. I don’t want to sense like I’m jumping down a rabbit hollow so that I can find your Human Resources telephone range. Could you stop it?

Long & Drawn Out Forms: Why do lots of organizations genuinely INSIST that you fill out a long needless, drawn-out shape surely so you can get in contact with them? I need to send you a resume adequate. I do not want to write you a thesis on my lifestyles records and provide you with the address and career of my 0.33 cousin. Some are even worse in forcing you to create a “profile” with a login and password. People, STOP, ok, STOP. It isn’t delightful, and it turns people off from your website if you’re compelled to do such things as this. And plenty of the stuff you require to be crammed out is fantastically intrusive. I’m now not providing you with my Social Security Number. I do not know you; you do not know me. Stop doing this. And if I see the message “sorry, you want to be logged in to try this” for something absolutely mundane, I’ll reach in thru my pc screen and strangle you.

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The “Are You Sure You Want To Leave” Message: You’ve seen this one before. You try and navigate far from a website, and all the unexpected, “pop,” a warning message pops up. “Are you positive you want to navigate far away from this web page? OK to continue and Cancel to stay on the modern-day web page.” What idiot concept has this changed into a great idea to a position on a website? If I want to go away from your website, I’m certain I could make this life-converting decision without your intruding popup message looking to manage my indecisiveness. And what is even more demanding is that I’ll grow to be clicking the wrong desire when I’m in a rush and turn out to be caught on the web page again. Whatever advertising “genius,” though this became an amazing concept, needs to have his diploma burned.

Those Overly Blatant Sales Pitch Sites: Can you human beings forestall making those single page shameless sales pitch websites that might be simply full of vague pitchy text that tells me not anything approximately your service or product? If you want to promote a product, how about you’re making a pleasant information-rich web page that tells me about what you are attempting to sell. Are you now not a drug dealer peddling down a darkish alley within the projects, ok? This is the message you placed throughout when you publish a website like this. There’s no manner I’m going to send you $15 thru PayPal so that I can examine something fantastic and a life-changing secret that you’re just dying to inform me, no matter what several lively gifs and “as visible on TV” logos you plaster to your display screen. These websites need to be wiped out like a swarm of mosquitoes.


Spamming Comment Forms With Your Shameless Plugs: You human beings royally P**S me off. Do you REALLY assume that I will allow your comment to get via Mr. “Viagra Overnight” Smith? If you humans really want to get a few links returned to your website online, why no longer engage in some true communication in preference to doing what is basically the equal of barging into any person’s desk at a eating place and throwing a pile of fliers and brochures of their faces before going for walks out the door. I surely find it irresistible after they “strive” to sound authentic on a comment form, too, because it’s pretty much as true performing as Keanu Reeves in Speed. I hate you spamming jerks, and also, you need to die in a hearth. These are only a few matters that hassle me about the internet. There are loads extra. However, I’d be occurring for days. I desire a few as a minimum. Maybe one person available sees this text earlier than they determine to design that “nifty” flash internet site, or that “splendidly specific” touch shape, or that “blatantly shameless” advertising crap, and makes a trade of heart. If no longer…Nicely then…I’d want to punch you.

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