Best Tips for Sourcing Your Products from China

Are you a seller on Amazon and considering sourcing your products from China? China has been the manufacturing hub for the world. That would be one of the sole reasons you may be considering to opt for Chinese imports. In such a scenario, the following tips should be helpful enough for your needs.

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As we stated before, China is a great option for sourcing your products from China. The manufacturing costs in China are considerably cheaper and that is one of the sole reasons why you would be able to reap better margins. However, finding the right supplier from China may not be an ideally easier task.

That is exactly why we thought of sharing a few tips with you so that you would be able to work through the task of finding the right supplier.

#1 The Best Exporter

The first essential element you need to give a thought to is to find an importer worth his salt. In fact, finding the right seller from China may not be as easy as it would seem.

The best way you can rely upon is to opt for the sourcing agents like leelinesourcing. They will help you find the right suppliers and aid you in the associated tasks.

#2 Customs

Being an Amazon seller may not be an easy task as such. No matter you have opted for the best supplier, you will need to check for the proper customs records.

In fact, you need to go with a solid customs broker. Ensure that the customs broker you have signed up is licensed in the US or the country you are working from. In fact, opting for a customs broker will help you in taking care of making the payments of import duty and releasing the goods. He should be able to handle it on your behalf.

#3 Ensure that all taxes are paid

Make sure that you have paid all the duties and charges towards shipment before shipping it to the Amazon fulfilment centre. Amazon expects the delivery to the Fulfilment centres DDP or Delivery Duty Paid.

In case, the items are delivered to the fulfilment centres with any shipping charges and other taxes unpaid, they will duly be refused entry and returned to you.

The Essential Solutions

The right FBA prep service and right kind of freight forwarder are one of the essential elements that you would need to look for while opting to become an Amazon seller signed up for Amazon FBA program. The EIN number is quite essential in every aspect, however, if you do not have EIN – you may need to opt for alternative options. Your customs broker should be the right person to guide you here.

In any case, sourcing goods from China is indeed a great opportunity for you if you are trying to start a business. We would consider it to be one of the best options and a lucrative one at that. Check out the tips above and ensure that you prosper.