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Not lengthy ago, a friend of mine despatched me an electronic mail inquiring for my opinion on whether or not a domain he become developing should be done using WordPress, LAMP, or ASP.NET. I’ve used all of these, however, have continually been so targeted at the info and gaining knowledge of them that I never absolutely thought approximately the extremely good query of “What generation should be used for a given site?”. That is such a right query that I determined to put my mind on paper and assist offer a few training to others.

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Some humans don’t have the talents and capacity to genuinely be capable of picking out the maximum appropriate technology. They understand one element and this is going to have to be made to work in all cases. That’s not necessarily terrible, but it is high-quality in an effort to transfer between technology-based totally on the sort of site. The critical thing to recognize in net web page improvement is that one technology does no longer suit all.


I even have several internet websites presently jogging WordPress. I at first notion of WordPress as only a running a blog platform. While this is certainly its foremost use and what it’s far optimized for, you can simply use it to create a greater “traditional” looking internet website. It is very configurable and there are tons of custom plug-ins to be had that could allow you to upload RSS feeds, search engine marketing tags, vote casting, and so forth. Since WordPress is evolved using PHP and MySQL, it’s also possible to create your own plugins and personalize your web page template. Oh, and that’s the different tremendously splendid element approximately WordPress — the templates! There are actually heaps of free WordPress templates available for download. If you cannot find one which suits the topic of your website then you are not looking hard enough.

Another nice element about WordPress is that you can without difficulty find web hosting providers that help Wordpre

ss. In most cases, you can click a setup hyperlink and have WordPress properly hooked up to your website in some seconds. Then you go to the WordPress admin console and configure your website online. It is all very easy. You can upload multiple templates and without difficulty transfer between them. It is also clean to make minor changes to the templates (like converting tag strains, colorings, and so forth.).

The different gain of WordPress is that its miles a blogging platform and the search engines like google and yahoo love blogs. You can configure your WordPress deploy to automatically ping one or extra blogging services whenever you add a brand new post or page. That manner they know your site has changed and that they have to come index your website again. If you want your website online to be located then the usage of WordPress because the underlying engine is a great alternative.


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In case you don’t know, LAMP stands for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP, which is a totally common and effective set of generation components used for building web websites (and did I mention completely Open Source and unfastened!). If you want entire control over your web web site, then LAMP is a good option. There are lots of examples, free scripts, and so forth. Available on the internet website that will help you get started out. There are also plenty of free editors and gear to help you alongside. The disadvantage of the LAMP is that it’s far hard so one can create your very own improvement “environment”. Since most people run a few taste of Windows as our desktop working machine, we’d need to use something like VMWare or Virtual PC to create a virtual machine walking Linux. The next venture is getting all of the components well established. While the installers for the LAMP components have surely advanced, they nevertheless do not evaluate to the benefit of installing a Windows-based software. The next venture with the LAMP is debugging. It might be nice if we all wrote the best code, but the fact is you need the potential to debug. There are PHP debuggers to be had. A suitable one is going to feed you a few money although.

One of the first-rate matters approximately LAMP is that there are TONS of net web hosting carriers out there with the intention to pick out from. The cause is quite simple — LAMP is completely open supply, so it there’s very little price for the hosting agency to endure. That method greater margin for them!


Microsoft’s contribution to net website improvement is ASP.NET. You can use any .NET language (C#, VB.NET, Python.NET, etc.) to expand an ASP.NET based totally website. In my opinion, the nice issue about ASP.NET is the reality you could use Microsoft Visual Studio for you improvement device. Visual Studio is the great tool out there. Yes, it charges money, however, you, in reality, get what you pay for. The other exceptional thing about ASP.NET is that you may effortlessly increase for your Windows-based totally computer or laptop.

It is more difficult to discover a correct ASP.NET web hosting issuer. Believe me, I’ve appeared! And I’ve used several exceptional ones. The ASP.NET companies lag behind the LAMP carriers in terms of what they offer. You also need to be cautious and really recognize what the provider means with the aid of things like “host unlimited # of domain names”. In many cases, they just suggest you may have a limitless # of domains point in your single web page. That probably is not what you want.

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I mentioned using Visual Studio before. That device is tremendous and makes development SOOOO an awful lot less complicated. I did pretty a chunk of development the use of the LAMP and were given a few websites up and strolling. I used Eclipse with a PHP plug-in and it labored quite suitable. I didn’t have Apache jogging or Linux, so could not certainly debug however I nevertheless controlled. When it got here time to create an extra superior internet web page, however, I speedy decided to switch over to ASP.NET and use Visual Studio. Debugging turned into a snap and the coding was made a good deal less complicated way to Intellisense and Visual Studio’s ability to “import” internet offerings and make them simpler for me to call from my code.

Making the Right Choice

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Each of the generation alternatives has execs and cons. If you want to get a website up quickly and it will likely be displaying primary records (text, photographs, video) then WordPress is an awesome alternative. If you want a more superior internet website online but do not want to spend much money on development tools, then LAMP is a pleasant desire. Finally, in case you already have Visual Studio or recognize .NET programming, then ASP.NET is a good choice. If you are definitely fortunate and might recognize all three then you may use the proper device for the task irrespective of what.

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